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Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi tiger without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Download tiger pattern recipe – DIY without downloading tiger pattern crochet recipe with tan pattern make yourself without downloading the tiger recipe. Download Free Pattern tiger Recipe for 2020

Materials used:

-INCYazha Semenovs MAGİC RİNGя MAGİC RİNG orange, white and black colors

-hook 1.5

-filling MAGİC RİNG

-2 half DEC black beads

-disc 10 mm (I use 10 penny coins)

-suitable cotter pin

– white felt

-glue moment “crystal”

– needle for stitching parts


-MAGİC RİNG-amigurumi ring

-SC single crochet

-INC-INCIBAV MAGİC RİNG, knit two from one loop

-DEC-DECavMAGİC RİNG, knit two INC loops together.

INC and the use of these materials, the tiger cub is 8 cm in height. Resilient

due to the tail. We put a marker, you can not look for the deviation.

Head: (one piece, knit with orange thread)


1 row: 6 INC = 12 SC

2nd row: (INC, SC) * 6 = 18 SC

3rd row: (INC, 2 SC) * 6 = 24 SC

4th row: (INC, 3 SC) * 6 = 30 SC

5 row: (INC 4 SC) * 6 = 36 SC

6-11 row: 36 SC (5 rows)

12 row: (DEC, 4 SC) * 6 = 30 SC

13 row: (DEC, 3 SC) * 6 = 24 SC

14 row: (DEC, 2 SC) * 6 = 18 SC

We fill, put a disc with a cotter pin.

15 row: (DEC, SC) * 6 = 12 SC. DEC stitches to the end, fasten the thread and cut.

Mordoch MAGİC RİNG: (we knit with a white thread)


1 row: 6 INC = 12 SC

2nd row: (INC, SC) * 6 = 18 SC

3rd row: (INC, 2 SC) * 6 = 24 SC

4th row: (INC, 5 SC) * 4 = 28 SC

5-7 row: 28 SC, (3 rows) fasten the thread and leave the tip for inc-sewing

Ears: (2 pieces are white, 2 pieces are orange)

We knit in rotary rows.


1 row: (SC, INC) * 3 = 9 SC

Row 2: 9 SC, fasten the thread on the orange ones, leave for INC-sewing.

We fold the orange and white ears with each other inside out and sew them with black thread

Select the position for the muzzle, fill in and INC. From where you get her

arrange, you will get a different expression of the muzzle of the tiger MAGİC RİNG.

We embroider the nose, it should be large and convex. To do this, you can put

a piece of felt. First, you can draw a nose.

In this version, the distance of the nose from the head is 4 rows, you can make it even smaller,

retreating 2 rows. We fill the nose with black thread, without cutting it, we make a screed down

center, 4 rows long, and ties to the left and INCavo at 6-7 SC, for a smile. A thread

we fix and cut.

We make an eye tightening. You can experiment here too. On the title

photos are visible MAGİC RİNGk changes the face MAGİC RİNG, if you make a big or small

distance between eyes MAGİC RİNGmi.

Cut out semicircles from white felt, and glue them into the resulting hollows for

eye, on top of a black floor DEC bead of a suitable size. INC AND DESIRE AROUND THE EYES MAGIC RİNG

you can add a little toning.



1 row: 6 INC = 12 SC

2nd row: (SC, INC) * 6 = 18 SC

3rd row: (2 SC, INC) * 6 = 24 SC

4th row: (3 SC, INC) * 6 = 30 SC

5-8 row: 30 SC (4 rows)

We put the disc, fill it medium, while knitting.

9 row: (4 SC, INC) * 6 = 36 SC

10-11 row: 36 SC (2 rows)

12 row: (4 SC, DEC) * 6 = 30 SC

13 row: (3 SC, DEC) * 6 = 24 SC

14 row: (2 SC, DEC) * 6 = 18 SC

15 row: (SC, DEC) * 6 = 12 SC

16 row: DEC stitches to the end, fasten the thread, cut.

Upper legs: (2 parts)

We fill medium, while knitting.


1 row: 6 INC = 12 SC

Row 2-5: 12 SC (4 rows)

6 row: (SC, DEC) * 4 = 8 SC

7-13 row: 8 SC (7 rows)

DEC stitches to the end, fasten the thread, cut, leave on one foot for INC sewing.

Hind feet: (2 parts)

We begin to knit with white thread. Here I put a marker, and in case of rejection I do

offset columns.

We collect 7 VP and knit around the resulting pigtail.

1 row: (in the second loop from the MAGİC RİNG hook) INC, 4 SC, 4 SC from one loop, 4 SC, INC = 16 SC

2nd row: INC, 6 SC, 2 INC, 6 SC, INC = 20 SC

3rd row: SC, INC, 6 SC, INC, 2 SC, INC, 6 SC, INC, SC = 24 SC

Change the thread to orange

4th row: 24 SC behind the back wall of the post MAGİC RİNG

5-6 row: 24 SC (2 rows)

7 row: 8 SC, 4 DEC, 8 SC = 20 SC

8 row: 6 SC, 4 DEC, 6 SC = 16 SC

9th row: (2 SC, DEC) * 4 = 12 SC

10 row: 12 SC

11 row: (4 SC, DEC) * 2 = 10 SC

12-14 row: 10 SC (3 rows)

DEC stitches to the end, fasten the thread, leave on one foot for INC sewing.



Rows 1-12: 6 SC, fasten the thread, leave it for sewing. We put an INC fiber in the tail.

Collection MAGİC RİNG:

Include the upper legs.

With black thread INC we sew the sole on the border of white and orange.

We are cutting the hind legs, INC and it is advisable to INC trust that the tiger is sitting well.

Include the tail.

We embroider stripes for the tiger cub with black thread, follow the photographs.

Here our baby is ready!