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Amigurumi Puzzle The Tiger Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Puzzle The Tiger Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


Yarn and Hook
Depending on the local store, I will use mosly Yarn
Art Jeans and Susan Family with 2.5mm Hook.
Here are the colours I used for this project:
White: Susan Family 06 or Yarn Art Jeans 03
Yellow: Susan Family 16 or Yarn Art Jeans 88
Green: Susan Family 22 or Yarn Art Jeans 52
Light Green: Yarn Art Jeans 29
Dark Pink: Susan Family 12
Light Pink: Susan Family 49
Brown: Susan Family 34 or Yarn Art Jeans 70

Safety eyes: 8mm

Polyester fiberfill
Stitch marker
Scissors and tapestry needles


In international standards:
MR: magic ring
sc: single crochet
inc: increase stitch (two single crochet in one stitch)
dec: decrease stitch (join two single crochet into one stitch)
tr: triple crochet
hdc: half double crochet
ch: chain
sl: slip stitch
BLO: Back Loops Only
FLO: Front Loops Only
dc-inc: two double crochet in one stitch
[…]: all stitches in one stitch
x: repeat x times
rnd(s): round(s)


Rnd Start with White yarn
1 MR 8sc (8)
2 8inc (16)
3 (sc, inc)x8 (24)
4-6 (3 rounds) 24sc (24)

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew nose between eyes from R14 to R22.
Use black yarn to sew detail on the nose


Rnd Start with Brown yarn
1 MR 6sc (6)
2 6inc. Change to Yellow (12)
3 (sc, inc)x2, sc, [white: inc], (sc, inc)x3 (18)
4-6 (3 rounds) 6sc, [white: 4sc], 8sc (18)

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing

Flatten and fold the ears.
Sew ears from R4 to R12


Rnd Start with Yellow yarn
1 MR 8sc (8)
2 8inc (16)
3 (sc, inc)x8 (24)
4 (3sc, inc)x6 (30)
5 10sc, [brown: 10], 10sc (30)
6 (2sc, inc, 2sc)x6 (36)
7 (5sc, inc)x6 (42)
(3sc, inc, 3sc)x2, [brown: (3sc, inc, 3sc)x2],
(3sc, inc, 3sc)x2(48)
9 (7sc, inc)x6 (54)
10-14 (5 rounds) 54sc (54)
15 (4sc, inc, 4sc)x6 (60)
16 18sc, [brown: 4sc], 15sc, [brown: 4sc], 19sc (60)
17-18 (2 rounds) 60sc (60)
19 18sc, [brown: 4sc], 15sc, [brown: 4sc], 19sc (60)
20-22 (3 rounds) 60sc (60)
23 (4sc, dec, 4sc)x6 (54)
24 (7sc, dec)x6 (48)
25 (4sc, dec)x8 (40)
26 (3sc, dec)x8 (32)
27 (2sc, dec)x8 (24)

Put 8mm eyes
between R14 and R15
with 7 stitches apart

Here is the step-bystep process of putting
every single parts of
the head together


Rnd Start with Light Pink yarn
1 MR 8sc (8)
2 8inc (16)
3 inc, 4sc, 6inc, 4sc, inc (24)
4 (BLO) 24sc. Change to Dark Pink (24)
5 (FLO) 24sc (24)
6 24sc (24)
7 6sc, 6dec, 6sc (18)
8 6sc, 3dec, 6sc. Change to Yellow (15)
9 (BLO) 15sc (15)
10-11 (2 rounds) 15sc (15)
12 (2sc, inc)x5 (20)
13A Make left leg first: 4sc, [brown: 6sc], 10sc (20)
13B Right leg: 10sc, [brown: 6sc], 4sc (20)
14-15 (2 rounds) 20sc (20)

Do the same with the second leg
but do not cut the yarn off,
crochet 5 more single crochet
and then continue the body

Collar of the Shoes:
Turn the shoe upside down, at the back of the shoes, please attach
the White yarn to the front loops of the leg’s round 8: 15sc. Make a
slip stitch to the first single crochet and fasten off.


From the second leg, make 4 chains, join to
the 16th stitch of the first leg’s round 15 by 1
single crochet
1 20sc on the 1st leg, 4sc on the chain, 20sc on
the 2nd leg, 4sc on the chain
2 (7sc, inc)x6 (54)
3 4sc, inc, 4sc, [brown: 4sc, inc, 4sc], 4sc, inc,
8sc, inc, [brown: 8sc], inc, 8sc, inc, 4sc (60)
4 23sc, [brown: 8sc], 29sc (60)
5 58sc, light green: 2sc
6-8 (3 rounds) [light green: 31sc], [green: 27sc],
[light green: 2sc] (60)
9 [light green: 27sc], [green: 31sc], [light green:2sc] (60)
10 [light green: 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)x2, sc],
[green: 7sc, dec, (8sc, dec)x2, 2sc],
[light green: 2sc] (54)
11 [light green: 24sc], [green: 28sc], [light green: 2sc] (54)
12 [light green: (7sc, dec)x3, sc], [green: 6sc,
dec, 7sc, dec, 7sc], [light green: dec] (48)
13 [light green: 25sc], [green: 22sc], [light green:sc] (48)
14 [light green: 10sc, dec, 13sc], [green: 9sc, dec, 11sc], [light green: sc] (46)
15 [light green: 10sc, dec, 9sc], [green: 12sc, dec, 10sc], [light green: sc] (44)

16 [light green: 9sc, dec, 9sc], [green: 11sc, dec, 10sc], [light green: sc] (42)


Rnd 17
[light green: 8sc, dec, 9sc], [green: 11sc, dec,
9sc], [light green: sc](40)
18 [light green: 8sc, dec, 11sc], [green: 8sc, dec,
8sc], [light green: sc] (38)
19 [light green: 8sc, dec, 10sc], [green: 7sc, dec, 8sc], [light green: sc] (36)
20 [light green: 19sc], [green: 16sc], [light green: sc] (36)
21-22 (2 rounds) [light green: 16sc], [green: 19sc], [light green: sc] (36)
23 [light green: (4sc, dec)x2, 4sc], [green: dec, (4sc, dec)x2, 4sc], [light green: dec] (30)
24 [light green: (3sc, dec)x2, 3sc], [green: dec, (3sc, dec)x2, 3sc], [light green: dec]
(24) 25 Change to Light Green: (BLO) 24sc (24)
26 24sc (24)

Fasten off. Leave long tail of light green yarn for
sewing the head

Here is the step-by step process of
crocheting from the
legs to the body

Turn the body upside down, at the back of the body, please attach
the Light Pink yarn to the front loops of the body’s round 24:
1.Ch2, 24 dc-inc, sl (48)
2.Change to Dark Pink: Ch2, ([hdc, tr, hdc], 2sl]x16, sl (80)
Make a slip stitch to the first 2 chains and fasten off.

[hdc, tr, hdc]: all 3 stitches in the same stitch


Rnd Start with Yellow yarn
1 MR 6sc (6)
2 (sc, inc)x3 (9)
3-4 (2 rounds) 9sc (9)
5 (sc, dec)x3 (6)

Do not cut off the yarn. Next, we will crochet two
arms differently from R6 to the end

Do not stuff, flatten the arms.
Sew the arms along both sides of the body

Right arm

Rnd Change to Light Green yarn
6 ([light green: inc], [green: inc])x3
7 ([light green: sc, inc], [green: sc, inc])x3
8 ([light green: 2sc, inc], [green: 2sc, inc])x3
9 ([light green: 3sc, inc], [green: 3sc, inc])x3
10-11 (2 rounds) ([light green: 5sc], [green: 5sc])x3
12 Change to Light Green: (sc, dec)x10
13 20sc
14 (2sc, dec)x5
15 15sc
16 (sc, dec)x5
17-20 (4 rounds) 10sc

Left arm

Change to Green yarn
([green: inc], [light green: inc])x3 (12)
([green: sc, inc], [light green: sc, inc])x3 (18)
([green: 2sc, inc], [light green: 2sc, inc])x3 (24)
([green: 3sc, inc], [light green: 3sc, inc])x3 (30)
(2 rounds) ([green: 5sc], [light green: 5sc])x3 (30)
Change to Green: (sc, dec)x10 (20)
20sc (20)
(2sc, dec)x5 (15)
15sc (15)
(sc, dec)x5 (10)
(4 rounds) 10sc (10)


Rnd Start with Brown yarn
1 MR 6sc (6)
2 3inc, 3sc (9)
3 3inc, 6sc (12)
4-7 (3 rounds) Change to Yellow: 12sc (12)
8 Change to Brown: 12sc (12)
9-11 (3 rounds) Change to Yellow: 12sc (12)
12 Change to Brown: 12sc (12)
13-15 (3 rounds) Change to Yellow: 12sc (12)
16 Change to Brown: 12sc (12)
17-19 (3 rounds) Change to Yellow: 12sc (12)

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew the tail at the back of the body


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