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Amigurumi Sofia Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Sofia Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Other materials used
Hooks 2.5mm 3.0mm;
Needle for sewing;
long needle;
Lock eyes #13;
2 buttons for dress;
Galvanized wire;
Self-adhesive tape or masking tape;
hot glue stick 16.5 cm thick;
silicone fiber;
pink satin ribbon;

AM – magic ring
current – current
sc – low point
en – period
increase – increase
dim – decrease
pa – highest point
mpa – half-column with a crochet pr-mpa –
half-column with a crochet
aum-pa – double crochet increase Blo –
double crochet only in inner loops
Flo – outer crochet strap only

Weapons (2x)
With the root color of the balloon, make four chains (knit around
4 loops), from the second chain make: inc, sc, 4sc together,
sc etc. (10)

  1. inc, 3sc, 2inc, 3sc, inc (14)
    3-4. [2 rows] 14sc. (14)
  2. 7sc, inc, 6sc. (15)
  3. Bubble seam (thumb), 14sc. (15)
  4. dec, 13sc. (14)
    8.14sc. (14)
  5. (dec, 5sc) x2. (12)
    10.12sc. (12)
  6. (inc, 5sc) x2. (14) 12-30. [19
    rows] 14sc. (14) 31. (dec,
    5sc) x2. (12)

Legs (2x)

  1. With white color amigurumi, we will start with socks. 8
    chain (knit around 8 loops), from the second chain
    we do: inc, 5sc, 6sc together, 5sc, inc. (20)
  2. 2aum, 5mpa, 6aum-mpa, 5mpa, 2aum. (thirty)
  3. (sc, inc) x2, 5sc, (sc, inc) x6, 5sc, (sc, inc) x2. (40)
  4. 40bp in Blo. (40)
  5. 12pb, 8dim-mpa, 12pb. (32)
  6. 8sc, (dec, sc) x5, dec, 7sc. (26)
  7. 8sc, dec, sc, 2dec, sc, dec, 8sc. (22)
  8. (3sc, dec) x2, 2sc, (dec, 3sc) x2. (18)
    9-14. [6 rows] 18 sc. (18)
  9. 15sc, inc, sc, inc (20)
  10. 2sc, inc, sc, inc, 15sc. (22)
    17.22sc. (22)
  11. 18sc, inc, 3sc. (23)
  12. 6sc, inc, 16sc. (24) 20-24.
    [5 rows] 24 sc. (24) 25.19sc,
    dec, sc, dec. (22)
  13. (sc, dec) x3, 13sc. (19)
  14. 8sc, 7inc, 4sc. (26)

Legs (2x) – continued
Note: aum in the 27th row forms a knee and should
position in front of the foot.
28.26sc. (26)

  1. 8sc, 7dec, 4sc. (19)
    30.19sc. (19)
  2. 18sc, inc. (20)
  3. 5sc, inc, 14sc. (21)
    33.20sc, inc. (22)
  4. 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 15sc. (24)
    35-43. [9 rows] 24sc. (24).
    Knit 5 more sc to reach the middle of the leg at the back.

Panties Doll Sofia

  1. With an amigurumi organza thread, make 21 air loops (we knit
    around 21 air loops), from the second air chain do: inc,
    18 sc, 4 sc together, 18 sc, etc. (44)
  2. 2inc, 18sc, 4inc, 18sc, 2inc. (52)
  3. (sc, inc) x2, 18sc, (sc, inc) x4, 18sc, (sc, inc) x2. (60)
    Note: the base of the panties is ready, now to attach the leg to
    panties we tighten the leg, since in the last row she has 26sc, in front and
    the back will be 13sc. This will make it easier to capture points.
  4. 3sc, 12sc (capture 12 sc on the left leg), sc, 12sc (capture 12
    st on the right leg), 32sc. (60)
    5-9. [5 rows] Sc in each sc. (60) 10.
    32sc, (dec, 3sc) x5, dec, sc. (54)
    11.54sc in bl. (54)
  5. (dec, 7sc) x6. (48)
    13.48 sc. (48)
    14.48sc in bl. (48)

Start in the middle of the back with the base color Ballon.

  1. 48 ATS. (48)
  2. 48bp in Blo. (48)
  3. (10sc, dec) x4. (44) 4-5. [2
    row] 44sc. (44) 6. (9sc,
    dec)x4. (40)
    7-13. [7th row] 40 sc. (40)
    arms union
    To join, squeeze your hand so that the doll’s thumb is
    facing the body.
  4. 7sc, 6sc (grab 6st from the inside of the left hand), 15sc, 6sc
    (grab 6st from the inside of the right hand), 6sc. (40)
  5. 7sc, make 6sc around the left hand, 15sc, make 6sc around
    right hand, 6sc. (40)
  6. (dec, 6sc) x5. (35)
  7. 7sc, (dec, 2sc) x5, dec, 6sc. (29)
  8. 4sc, (dec, 2sc) x5, dec, 3sc. (23)
  9. sc, (dec, 2sc) x5, dec. (17)
  10. 5sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc. (15)
    21-24. [4 rows] 15 sc. (15) (neck)


  1. 15aum. (thirty)
  2. (4sc, inc) x6. (36)
  3. (2sc, inc)x12(48)
  4. (3sc, inc)x12(60)
  5. (19sc, inc) x3. (63) 6-7.
    [2 rows] 63 sc. (63)
  6. 22sc, (inc, sc) x3, inc, 5sc, (inc, sc) x3, inc, 16sc. (71)
    9-12. [4 rows] 71sc. (71)
  7. 22sc, (dec, sc) x3, dec, 5sc, (dec, sc) x3, dec, 16sc. (63)
    14-25. [12 rows] 63sc. (63)
  8. (19sc, dec) x3. (60)
  9. (8sc, dec) x6. (54)
  10. (7sc, dec) x6. (48)
  11. (6sc, dec) x6. (42)
  12. (5sc, dec) x6. (36)
  13. (4sc, dec) x6. (thirty)
  14. (3sc, dec) x6. (24)
  15. (2sc, dec) x6. (18)
  16. (sc, dec) x6. (12)
    Dec. 35.5(8)

From black amigurumi yarn, we will initially make the basis for locks.
This base corresponds to the first seven rows.
1.6bp on AM. (6)

  1. In Blo: 6aum. (12)
  2. In Bl: (sc, inc) x6. (18)
  3. In bl: (2sc, inc) x6. (24)
  4. In bl: (3sc, inc) x6. (thirty)
  5. (4sc, inc) x6. (36)
  6. (5sc, inc) x6. (42)

Without cutting the thread, start strands.
Note: The first four locks will have a lock in each stitch, no skip
not a single stitch to start the next lock.

  1. Make 15 ch and from 3 ch do: 13ms.
  2. Make 16 ch and make 3 ch: 14mpa.
    3-4. [2 locks] Make ch 17 and from ch 3 to: 15mpa.
    Note: From the fifth to the thirteenth strand, you must skip the dot to
    start the next strand.
    5-13. [9 locks] Make 17 ch and from 3 ch to: 15mpa.

Note: From the fourteenth to the thirty-second lock will be in each stitch, without
skipping a single stitch to start the next lock.
14-16. [3 p.] Make 17 ch and from 3 ch to: 15mpa. 17.
Make 16 ch and from 3 ch do: 14MPa.

  1. Make 15 ch and from the 3rd ch do: 13msn.
  2. Make 10 ch and make 3 ch: 8MPa. (Place a marker)
  3. Make 15 ch and from 3 ch do: 13ms.
  4. Make 12 ch and make 3 ch: 10MPa.
    22-29. [8 locks] Make 11 ch and from the 3rd ch make: 9mpa. thirty.
    Make 12 chains and from the 3rd chain make: 10MPa.
  5. Make 15 ch and from the 3rd ch do: 13msn.
  6. Make 10 ch and from 3 ch do: 8msn. (put a marker)
    Note: The curls of our Bianca will be crocheted on loops by Flo.
    spirals and first go 1cc until you reach the Flo loops.
    Curls are all the same:
    25ch and from the chain make: slst, slst
    19aum-mpa, 3mpa. miss
    loop to start next


  1. We start with 8ch, from the 2nd chain we do: inc, 5sc, 6sc together, 5sc, inc.
  2. 2prbn, 3sc, 2prbn, 6inchdc, 2incdc, 3sc, 2prbn. (thirty)
  3. (sc, inc) x2, 5sc, (sc, inc) x6, 5sc, (sc, inc) x2. (40)
  4. In blo do: 40bp. (40)
    5-6. 40bp.(40)
  5. 12pb, 8dim-mpa, 12pb. (32)
  6. 11sc, dec, (2sc, dec) x2, 11sc. (29)
  7. 9sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 9sc.
    Crochet 150 chains for tying a boot and fasten
    in the middle of the back of the boot.


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