Basic knitting materials toys:

-Plush ıncyazha Himalaya Dolphin Baby or similar.

In general, the consumption of ıncy is less than the magic ring.

For Snegovich magic ring I used colors:

YarnArt Dolce No. 741, Himalaya Dolphin Baby No. 329, No. 318, No. 311, No. 331

For Dwarfs magic ring:

Himalaya Dolphin Baby No. 353, No. 329, No. 318, No. 311 YarnArt Dolce No. 761

-Incyazha Alize Softy + for the beard Gnome

-Incyazha YarnArt jeans or Children magic ring new in magic ring

black (for embroidery of eyebrows, arrows)

– Quite a bit of white Himalaya Dolphin Fine plush tie for embroidery of whites of eyes

-Incyazha Detsmagic ring Novinmagic green ring for twigs and YarnArt Jeans for berries

-Eye eyes on a secure mount 14-16mm

-Dec thread or other ınc thread for tightening and ınc sewing parts

-Hook No. 3.5



-Long needle (for tightening)

Inc and the use of magic ring materials and

hook numbers magic ring 3,5mm size of my toys 22-23cm.

The ınc consumption and the size of your toy may vary, depending on your density and

the style of knitting, the number of the hook of the magic ring, the density of the stuffing of the toy, as well as from the brand and its batch.


MAGİC RİNG-amigurumi ring

CH-air loop

PP half loop

SC single crochet

INC-ıncibavmagic ring

DEC-decаmagic ring

SL-ST-connecting post

(…) x … repeat the action in the brackets magic rings, u magic ring

number of times

4SL-STНс1В-4 pillars magic ring with crochet with one top

Enjoy your knitting and even loops!


We knit the handles with plush ınc-knit (colors to your taste).

We knit the handle in one color, the rings themselves in another.

We knit a finger 4SL-STНс1В into one loop of the base.

To do this, we make a yarn over, ınc we pull the working thread and ın we knit 2 loops on the hook (2 loops remain on the hook). We make a yarn again, ınc we pull the working thread into the same loop of the base and ınc we knit again 2 loops on the hook (on the hook). 3 stitches remain on the hook. so 2 more times. On the hook, 5 loops are obtained. We knit all 5 loops with one loop (see video).

We knit a finger:


2. (1sc, ınc) x3 (9)

3-4. 9sc (2 rows)

5.4sl-stns1v in one loop of the base, 8sc (9), cc

Cut the thread, fix it, and change the color of the ın-tie to the color of the blouse.

Inc we connect the thread in the center from the inside of the handle.

We knit the next row for the back pp.

6.9sc (for hind runs)

7. Dec, 7sc (8)

8-15. 8sc (8 rows)

We fold the top of the handle in half so that the finger looks forward and to the body, ınc we tie

4sc for both walls.

Cut the thread, fix it.


The body is knitted from bottom to top. The ın marker goes strictly

behind the center of the body and head, ınc and if necessary, make offset loops.

We begin to knit the snowman in white, we begin to knit the gnome magic ring in any color (to your taste).


2.6ınc (12)

3. (1sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, ınc) x6 (24)

5. (3sc, ınc) x6 (30)

6.2sc, ınc, (4sc, ınc) х5,2sc (36)

7. (5sc, ınc) x6 (42)

8-12. 42sc (5 rows)

13. (5sc, dec) x6 (36), sl-st

Cut the thread, fix it.

Change the color of the ınc, knit to the color of the blouse. The next row is knit for the back pp.

14.36sc (for hind runs)


16. (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

17-18. 30sc (2 rows)

19. (3sc, dec) x6 (24)

20-21. 24sc (2 rows)

22. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

My VKontakte group:

In the next row we knit a handle.

23.2sc, 4sc (with handle), 6sc, 4sc (with second handle), 2sc (18)

24. (1sc, dec) x6 (12), sl-st

Cut the thread, fix it.

The head starts from the next row.Change the color of the ınctie for the snowman magic ring to white, for the gnome magic ring to flesh. Inc join the thread at the back center of the back.

25.12ınc (24)

26. (3sc, ınc) x6 (30)


28.8sc, 3ınc, 8sc, 3ınc, 8sc (36)

29.8sc, (1sc, ınc) х3,8sc, (1sc, ınc) х3,8sc (42)

30-32. 42sc (3 rows)

33.8sc, (1sc, dec) х3,8sc, (1sc, dec) х3,8sc (36)


35. (4sc, dec) x6 (30)


37. (3sc, dec) x6 (24)


We insert eyes between 33 and 34 row.

between the eyes of the magic rings 8sc (counting from the top 34th row).

Installing the eyes.

We fill the head. Pay special attention to the neck area (transition of the body to the head). We shape the cheeks.

39. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

40. (1sc, dec) x6 (12)


Pull the hole, pull the thread inside the head.


We knit shoes with plush ıncizhey (I have black ones).

1.6ch, from the 2nd from the hook magic ring 4sc, 3sc in 1 loop, 3sc, ınc (12)

2. Inc, 3sc, 3ınc, 3sc, 2ınc (18)

3. Inc, 6sc, 3ınc, 6sc, 2ınc (24)

We cut out an oval from a dense plastic magic ring or other dense material at hand, according to the shape of our sole.

4.24sc (for hind runs)


Insert the insole into the shoe.

6.6sc, (1sc, dec) x4.6sc (20)

7.6sc, 4dec, 6sc (16)

Stuffing boots

8.4sc, 4dec, 4sc (12)


10. Pull off the hole,

Nose (Snowman)

Hook 2.0mm

We knit the Snowman’s nose with ıncjazhey Children magic ring Novinmagic ring orange.


2-3. 6sc (2 rows)

4. (1sc, ınc) x3 (9)


6. (2sc, ınc) x3 (12)

7-8. 12sc (2 rows), sl-st

Nose (Gnome)

We knit the nose of the Gnome with a plush ınc, the color of the head.


2.6ınc (12)

3-4. 12sc (2 rows)

5.6dec, cc

Fasten the thread, cut.

Fill the nose.

Ears (Gnome x 2)

We knit the ears with a plush ınc, the color of the head


2.6ınc (12), cc

Fasten the thread, cut.

Tighten the magic eye ring:

First and second tightening

We introduce the needle between the 28th and 29th row, focusing on the center of the eye.

We withdraw the needle to the lower outer corner of the eye, then to the lower inner corner of the eye and return to the original place of needle insertion, departing from it 1 column.

We pull up on both threads, the eye is a little opus magic ring and a chadin magic ring is formed under the cheek. We tie the threads together, cut them and roll them inside the head.

On the other side, ınc do the same.

Third weasel magic ring

We insert the needle from the back in the center of the neck at the border of the color change and bring it through the head to the lower

the outer corner of the eye, then to the lower inner corner of the eye and return to the original

the place where the needle is inserted, departing from it 1 column. Then we repeat the same with the second eye.

We tighten the threads, tie, cut.

We make out the eyes

We make out the mouth and eyes:

We embroider a mouth

For the design of the mouth, I use ınc, YarnArt Jeans (red), in two strands

We introduce the needle from the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe wearing of the magic ring and bring it out just above the dimples under the cheek, formed

after tightening.

Next, we insert the needle just above the second dimple from the tightening, we spread the thread and bring the needle into

original place of entry. We cut the thread, tie and help

crochet magic ring inside the head. Incidentally, we embroider the sides of the smile of the same

ınc knit in one thread.

We embroider arrows

Black YarnArt Jeans or Children magic ring

Novelinmagic ring (in one thread) we embroider arrows.

You can embroider the whites of the eyes for the gnome.

White plush ınc ties (I have Himalaya Dolphin

We embroider the eyebrows

We embroider eyebrows with black YarnArt Jeans or Children magic ring with Novin magic ring, in one thread.

Sew eyebrows between 36 and 37 row. The width of the eyebrow is 3sc, the distance between the eyebrows is 6sc.

Fine) we embroider 1/3 of the squirrels and the magic ring.

link the thread.

Incish the legs

We sew the ınc legs between 1 and 7 row (for 2-6

rows) .Passl-stance between the knives magic rings MAGIC RİNG.

We make a costume

Magic ring belts and magic rings

Plush ınc ties (color of your choice)

we tie (sc) the 13th row of the body and the 5th row of handles for pp.

We knit the shelf and collar

We also knit ıncyazhey Soft + white.

Inc join the thread in the front, in the center of the body, in the closest row at the waist.

We make ch and begin to ınc tie sc from bottom to top, exactly in the center of the body.

To do this, we insert a hook under the column, ınc pull the thread and ınc knit sc.

Thus, we knit the shelf on the suit to the top.

Next, in a similar way, we knit a collar around the neck, the magic ring can be closer to the head.

We tie the blouse:


1.6 in the Magic ring

2. (1sc, ınc) x3 (9)


4. (2sc, ınc) x3 (12)


6. (3sc, ınc) x3 (15)


8. (4sc, ınc) x3 (18)


10. (5sc, ınc) x3 (21)


12. (6sc, ınc) x3 (24)


14. (7sc, ınc) x3 (27)


16. (8sc, ınc) x3 (30)


18. (4sc, ınc) x6 (36)


20. (5sc, ınc) x6 (42)

21-25. 42sc (5 rows)

Cut the thread, fix it. We make the edge strapping (optional).

Cap pompom magic ring


2.6ınc (12)

3. (1sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4-5. 18sc

6. (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

7.6dec, fasten the thread, trim.

Fill the pompom with filler, sew to the cap.


We knit a hat with black plush ınc-knit.


2.6ınc (12)

3. (1sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4.18sc (for hind runs)

5-7. 18sc (3 rows)

8. (4sc, dec) х3 (15)


10.15ınc (30) – for rear pp


12. (1sc, ınc) 15 (45)

13.45sc, sl-st

Fasten the thread, cut.

Twigs for decoration

Twigs to decorate the cap and cap magic ring knit

ıncjazhei Childrens magic ring Novinmagic ring green.

We collect a chain from 21ch, from the 2nd loop from the hook magic ring

ınc we knit 5sc. In the next loop we make sl-st and from it we type

6sc, from the 2nd loop from the hook of the magic ring ınc we knit in the reverse direction 5sc.

And thus we tie ınc to the end of the chain.

The length and number of branches can be any.

We knit berries from YarnArt Jeans in red:


2-3. 6sc

Pull off the hole, leave the thread for sewing.

We knit twigs:

Our kids are ready!

Thanks for knitting with me!