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Amigurumi Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, Mouse Free Crochet Pattern , I want to give you some information about this pattern;


Hook Nr 2,25mm
150gr „Puna“ Dropsdesign or
150g Sock yarn 6 ply
pink or gray cotton yarn ~50g/170m, for tail
glass eyes: 5mm
1 buttons 11mm for the vest


ch: chain
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
dec: decrease
inc: increase
ss: slip stitch
st: stitch
(…)x…- to repeat
Flo-Front Loop
[…]-crochet in the same loop

Legs (2)


1. 5sc in magic ring

2. (inc)x5 = (10)

3. (sc, inc)x5 =(15)

4. 15sc

5. (2sc, inc)x5 =(20)

6-12. (7 Rd) 20sc

13. 9sc, inc, 10sc =(21)

14. 21sc

15. 10sc, inc, 10sc =(22)

16. 22sc

17. 11sc, inc, 10sc =(23)

18. 23sc

19. 7sc, turn


Turn without a ch.
1-5. 13sc, turn

heel rounding

1.3 heel rounding
4st skip or with help
from 4ss in Flo to the 5th st. arrive.

  1. 5sc, ss, turn
    2-8. ss skip, 5sc, ss, turn
    Set a marker and continue crocheting in the round
    skip ss


1. 5sc, 5sc(side)( Foto1), dec, 6sc, dec, 5sc(side) =(23)

2. 23sc

3. dec, sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 5sc= (19)

4. 19sc

5. sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 5sc= (16)

(40Rd) 16sc

(Fold leg together. Points face forward. Crochet together with 8 sc)

Cut the left leg thread.

Right leg: set marker and continue crocheting.

Crochet first round in one link only (FLO, BLO)


  1. 14ch, 16sc( left leg), 14sc into the chain, 16sc (right leg) =(60)
  2. 29sc, (inc, 2sc)x6, 13sc = (66)
    (20Rd) 66sc
    9sc , set marker( middle of the back)
    (dec, 20sc)x3 = (63)
    (3Rd) 63sc
    (dec, 19sc)x3 = (60)
    (3Rd) 60sc
    (dec, 18sc)x3 = (57)
    (3Rd) 57sc
    (dec, 17sc)x3 = (54)
    (3Rd) 54sc
    (dec, 16sc)x3 = (51)
    (3Rd) 51sc
    (dec, 15sc)x3 = (48)
    (3Rd) 48sc
    (dec, 14sc)x3 = (45)
    (3Rd) 45sc
    (dec, 13sc)x3 = (42)
    (3Rd) 42sc
    (dec, 12sc)x3 = (39)
    (3Rd) 39sc
    Here, on the side, the hands are sewn on.
    (dec, 11sc)x3 = (36)
    A round 36sc.
    Cut off the thread with the long end for sewing.


1. 6sc in magic ring

2. (inc)x6 =(12)

3. 12sc

4. (3sc, inc)x3 =(15)

5 15sc

6. (2sc, inc)x5 =(20)

7. 20sc

8. (3sc, inc)x5 =(25)

9. 25sc

10. (4sc, inc)x5 =(30)

11. 30sc

12. (5sc, inc)x5 =(35)

13. 35sc

14. (6sc, inc)x5 =(40)

15-16. (2Rd) 40sc

17. (7sc, inc)x5 =(45)

18-19. (2Rd) 45sc

20. (8sc, inc)x5 =(50)

21-22. (2Rd) 50sc

23. (9sc, inc)x5 =(55)

24-35. (2Rd) 55sc

26. (10sc, inc)x5 =(60)

27-28. (2Rd) 60sc

29. (11sc, inc)x5 =(65)

30-31. (2Rd) 65sc

32. (12sc, inc)x5 =(70)

33-34. (2Rd) 70sc

35. (13sc, inc)x5 =(75)

36-37. (2Rd) 75sc

38. (14sc, inc)x5 =(80)

39-40. (2Rd) 80sc

41. (15sc, inc)x5 =(85)

42-43. (2Rd) 85sc

44. (16sc, inc)x5 =(90)

45-49. (5Rd) 90sc

Fill the head with cotton.


(dec, 13sc)x6=(84)

After this round, the ears are sewn on. 25 stitches apart.

(dec, 12sc)x6=(78)

(dec, 11sc)x6=(72)

(dec, 10sc)x6=(66)

(dec, 9sc)x6=(60)

(dec, 8sc)x6=(54)

(dec, 7sc)x6=(48)

(dec, 6sc)x6=(42)

(dec, 5sc)x6=(36)

(dec, 4sc)x6=(30)

(dec, 3sc)x6=(24)

(dec, 2sc)x6=(18)

(dec, sc)x6=(12)


Pull the thread tight and cut.

set eyes:
After 36th round: 12 sc apart.

Ears (x2)

1. 6sc in magic ring

2. ( inc)x6 =(12)

3. (sc, inc)x6 =(18)

4. 18sc

5. (2sc, inc)x6 =(24)

6-7. (2Rd) 24sc

8. (3sc, inc)x6 =(30)

9-14. (6Rd) 30sc

15. (dec, 4sc)x5 =(25)

16. 25sc

17. (dec, 3sc)x3 =(20)

18. 20sc

19. (dec, 2sc)x3 =(15)

20. 15sc

Fold the ear together and sew as shown in the photo.


Sew to body after 12th round

rosa oder glau Bau

1. 5sc in magic ring


inc, 4sc = (6)


inc, 5sc = (7)


inc, 6sc = (8)


inc, 7sc = (9)


inc, 8sc = (10)


inc, 9sc = (11)


inc, 10sc = (12)


inc, 11sc = (13)


inc, 12sc = (14)


inc, 13sc = (15)


Refill with cotton. (fold tail together and crochet together with 7sc)

Hands (x2)

1. 6sc in magic ring

2. (inc)x6 =(12)

3. 12sc

4. (2sc, inc)x4 =(16)

5-7. (3Rd) 16sc

8. 8sc, (3dc, ch)-in eine Masche, 7sc

9. 8sc, dec, 7sc =(16)

10. 8sc, dec, 6sc =(15)

11. 8sc, dec, 5sc =(14)

Refill hand with cotton. Rest remains unfilled.

12-58. 14sc

(fold arm together and crochet together with 7sc)


7. Nose

Hook 1,75mm

1. 2ch, in 2nd stitch from hook: [3sc]= (3) turn

2. (inc)x3 = (6) turn

3-6. (4Row) 6sc



It is knitted in one piece.

2,5mm needle

Cast on 27 stitches (turn)

First row purl all stitches.

8row-stockinette stitch

CS, dec, 21k, dec, CS = (25)

7row-stockinette stitch

CS, dec, 19k, dec, CS = (23)

7row-stockinette stitch

CS, dec, 17k, dec, CS = (21)

7row-stockinette stitch

Cast on 25 sts for sleeves, 21k, Cast on 25 sts for sleeves = (71)

13row-stockinette stitch

30k, Bind off 11 stitches (neckline), 30k – turn

28p, dec = (29 ) turn

29k – turn

29p, Cast on 6 sts = (35) turn

15row-stockinette stitch

back row: Bind off 25 stitches (sleeve) , 10p

cut the thread

Transfer stitches to thread (if they don‘t bother you, leave them on the hook)

Other side:

back row: dec, 28p = (29) turn

29k , turn

Cast on 6 sts, 29p = (35) turn

14row-stockinette stitch

Bind off 25 stitches (sleeve), 10k, Cast on one st, 10k =(21)

7row-stockinette stitch

The back:

CS, inc, 19k, inc, CS = (23)

7row-stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 21k, inc, CS = (25)

7row-stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 23k, inc, CS = (27)

9row-stockinette stitch

Bind off all stitches

Close seam at side.

CS = corner stitch

First stitch in every row with edge stitch

Last stitch = k. knit

Knit the wrong side = as the stitches stand.

k. = knit

p. = purl

k…….., =knit all stitches


hook 2,25 mm , Drops Safran


White color
turn without ch

  1. 6sc in magic ring
  2. (inc)x6 = (12)
  3. 12sc
  4. (sc, inc)x6 = (18)
  5. 18sc
  6. (2sc, inc)x6 = (24)
  7. 24sc
    change color


turn without ch

  1. 3sc (BLO), 2sc, 3sc (BLO) = (8) turn
    (13row) 8sc
    cut the thread.

3/Side part

Attach the thread on the 6st of the shoe tongue to the front loop.

01. 3sc (FLO), 16sc , 3sc (FLO) ,ch, turn = (22)

02. 22sc , ch, turn

03. inc, 20sc, inc ,ch, turn = (24)

04-06. (3row) 24sc

07. inc, 22sc, inc ,ch, turn = (26)

8-13. (6row) 26sc

14. Skip 4 stitches, 18sc ,ch, turn

15-18. (4row) 18sc

cut the thread.


01. attach to the 7th stitch, 6sc, ss, turn.

(12rows)-skip ss, 6sc, ss, turn.

cut the thread.

attach thread

4sc(side) , 6ss(heel), 4sc(side), ss.

cut the thread.

Attach the laces


(estivo II+silkhair from Lana grossa)
Cast on 70 stitches on a 5mm or 6mm needle and close into a round.
Knit 34 rounds and cast off all sts.
Pull thin rubber band or rope through.


Hook 3,00 mm Drops Puna

1/Leg (x2)

01. Сh 20, lock the chain in a circle.

02. 20sc

03. (sc, inc)x10 = (30)

04-08. (5Rd) 30sc

2/Seat side

Connect two legs with ss

01. 30sc from the first leg and 30sc from the second leg = (60)

02-08. (7Rd) 60sc

09. In the middle of the back, for the tail, ch5, skip 5st. = (60)

10-11. (2Rd) 60sc

12. 7sc, dec, (13sc, dec)x3, 6sc = (56)

13. 56sc

14. 6sc, dec, (12sc, dec)x3, 6sc = (52)

15-18. (4Rd) 52sc


Ch 61, into the second st from the needle,

59sc, 3sc in the last st, 60sc on other side of ch.

Sew trousers or snap fasteners


Needle 3,25mm Soft Cotton from Lanagrossa ~50g/110m

It is knitted in one piece. Seamless

45Mschen anschlagen

3Row garter stitch

CS, k, YO, dec, k….., CS = (45)

7Row garter stitch

CS, dec, k….., dec, CS = (43)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, k….., dec, CS = (41)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, k….., dec, CS = (39)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, 9k, dec, 11k, dec, 9k, dec, CS = (35)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, 7k, dec, 11k, dec, 7k, dec, CS = (31)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, 6k, dec, 9k, dec, 6k, dec, CS = (27)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, 21k, dec, CS = (25)

1 Row garter stitch

CS, dec, 1k, Bind off 5 stitches, 7k, Bind off 5 stitches, 1k, dec, CS = (23)

CS, 2k, Cast on 5 stitches, 7k, Cast on 5 stitches, 2k, CS = (23)

CS, 21k, CS

CS, 7k, dec, 3k, dec, 7k, CS = (21)

Bind off all stitches


(turn with ch)

1.8sc in magic ring

2.(inc)x8 = (16)

3.(sc, inc)x8 =(24)

4.(2sc, inc)x8 =(32)


6.(3sc, inc)x8 =(40)


8.(4sc, inc)x8 =(48)


10.5sc, 6ch, skip 6st, 26sc, 6ch, skip 6st, 5sc = (48)

11.(5sc, inc)x8 =(56)


13.18sc, turn

3sc, inc, (5sc, inc)x5, 2sc = (42)


ow) 42sc3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)x5, 3sc = (48)


do not cut thread

First make an ear, then back part,

then second ears and finally front part

Ear (16 stitches) x2

16sc, turn(3Row) 16scsc, dec, 10sc, dec, sc = (14)

14scsc, dec, 8sc, dec, sc = (12)

12scsc, dec, 6sc, dec, sc = (10)

10scsc, dec, 4sc, dec, sc = (8)

8scsc, dec, 2sc, dec, sc = (6)

6scsc, dec, dec, sc = (4)sc, 2hdc, sc

cut the thread

Back part

(16 stitches)16sc, turn(5Row) 16sc

cut the thread

Front part (20 stitches)

5sc, 3hdc, 4dc, 3hdc, 5sc

do not cut thread

Crochet the whole hat with sc.

Crochet the front part with ss.


(Ecopuno from lana grossa)

Slip first stitch

K the last stitch

Cast on 20 stitches on a 2.5mm needle. (turn)

knit all sts on the purl in the first row.

Knit row 2 in stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 18k., inc, CS = (22)

Knit row 5 in stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 20k., inc, CS = (24)

Knit row 5 in stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 22k., inc, CS = (26)

Knit row 5 in stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 24k., inc, CS = (28)

Knit row 5 in stockinette stitch

CS, inc, 26k., inc, CS = (30)

Knit row 5 in stockinette stitch

First leg, cut the thread,

continue knitting on the second leg.


Take first 15 stitches from second leg, place 15 stitches on thread,

Put the first 15 stitches from the first leg on a thread,

take last 15 stitches from first leg.


30k. =(30)

Knit row 28 in stockinette stitch

all st bind off


30k. =(30)

Knit row 12 in stockinette stitch

11k., 8st bind off, 11k.

11p., Cast on 8 stitches, 11p.

Knit row 14 in stockinette stitch

all st bind off

Close all seams

Glasses Pilot

Drops „Safran“ (gray and brown) Hook 2,25mm, 1,75mm



01.6sc in magic ring

02.(inc)x6 = (12)

03.(sc, inc)x6 = (18)

04.(2sc, inc)x6 = (24)

05.3sc, inc, 3hdc, inc, (3sc, inc)x2, 3hdc, inc, 3sc, inc = (30)


06.4sc, inc, 4hdc, inc, (4sc, inc)x2, 4hdc, inc, 4sc, inc = (36)

07.BLO 36sc


(turn with ch)

01.5ch (leave long thread for sewing), in 2nd stitch from hook: 4sc, turn

02-05. 4sc, turn (leave long thread for sewing) cut the thread


01.5ch (leave long thread for sewing), in 2nd stitch from hook: 4sc, turn

02-55. 4sc, turn (leave long thread for sewing) cut the thread

Sew back and middle pieces to front link on last round.

Crochet around the back part of the glass and the whole glasses with a hook 1.75mm Slip St.

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