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Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Merry Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Download Amigurumi Merry Christmas Gnome Free Crochet pattern recipe – DIY without downloading Amigurumi Merry Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern crochet recipe with tan pattern make yourself without downloading the Amigurumi Merry Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern recipe. Download Free PatternAmigurumi Merry Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern Recipe for 2020


1. Yarn Jeans gray, red, beige

2. Any thick wool blend acrylic beard yarn

3. Hook 2.0

4. Wire magic ring2.0 for handles and body

5. Cardboard or plastic for the bottom


MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring

Sc – single crochet

Inc– ıncave

Dec – decavka

Sl-st – connecting post

Ch – chain loop

ЗП – back loop



2p) 7 ıncavs

3p) ınc., 1sc * 7p (21)

4p) ınc., 2sc * 7p (28)

5p) ınc., 3sc * 7p (35)

6p) ınc., 4sc * 7p (42)

7p) ınc., 5sc * 7p (49)

8p) ınc., 6sc * 7p (56)

Cut out a circle of cardboard for the bottom of the magic ring for stability, slightly smaller than the diameter of the connected circle,

insert it by knitting the 13th row.

9p) knit for RFP 56sc

10p) -13p) 56sc4 rows

14p) dec., 6sc * 7p (49)

15p) -20p) 49sc6 rows

21p) dec, 5sc * 7p (42)

22p) -27p) 42 sc6 rows

28p) dec, 4sc * 7p (35)

29p) -34p) 35sc6 rows

35p) dec, 3sc * 7p (28)

36p) -41p) 28sc6 rows

42p) dec, 2sc * 7p (21)

43r) -48r) 21sc6 rows

49p) dec, 1sc * 7p (14)

50r) 7 decavok, change to beige and continue to knit the head

51р) 7 ıncavs (14)

52p) 1sc, ınc * 7p (21)

53p) 2sc, ınc * 7p (28)

54p) 3sc, ınc * 7p (35)

55r) -60r) 35sc6 rows

61p) 3sc, dec * 7p

62p) 2sc, dec * 7p

63p) 1sc, dec * 7p

64р) 7decavok, pull off the hole.



2p) 5 ınc (10)

3p) 10sc

4p) 5 dec.

Do not fill, sew on the flat nose for about 57 rows (counting 8 rows from the top of the head)

If desired, you can sew on the eyes of the bust.


We knit mittens in red


2p) 1sc, ınc (9)

3p) 2sc, ınc (12)

4p) -5p) 12sc

6p) dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc (10)

Change to gray

7p) -20p) 10sc, leave the thread for sewing.


Dial 35 VP , connect in a ring and knit in a circle.

1p) -7p) 35sc

8p) 3sc, dec * 7p (28)

9p) -10p) 28sc

11p) 2sc, dec * 7p (21)

12p) 21sc

13p) 1sc, dec * 7p (14)

14p) 14sc

15p) -16p) 5sc, dec, 6sc, ınc

17p) 5sc, dec, 7sc

18p) 5sc, dec, 6sc

19р) 5sc, dec, 5sc

20p) 5sc, dec, 4sc

21p) 4sc, dec, 4sc

22p) 3sc, dec, 4sc

23p) 3sc, dec, 3sc

24p) 3sc, dec, 2sc

25r) -26r) 6sc

27p) 3sc, dec, 1sc

28p) 5sc, pull off the hole.

If you want a longer cap, knit a few more rows of 5sc.


Insert the arm wire between about 6 and 7 rows, starting from the neck. Lightly magic ring to fill the handles

put on a wire, sew to the body.

Embroider a smile with black sewing thread, make a beard under the smile. I have semi-wool yarn,

make segments and thread through each column. With a well combed beard, you can trim to any


Embroidered magic ring on the bottom. You can cross stitch every 2sc2 rows, you can immediately knit in red

color 2 rows when knitting the body.

You can add a pattern on the cap, embroider snowflakes with a simple thread, or glue rhinestones.

That’s it, your santa gnome is ready