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Amigurumi Laura Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, Laura Doll Free Crochet Pattern , I want to give you some information about this pattern;

List of Materials

  • Schachenmayr Catania:
  • Scheepies Catona: Skin color #502
  • Hook size: 2.0mm
  • Safe eye size 9mm
  • Fiberfill
  • Wires for the frame (1.5 or 2mm)
  • Plastic cover or thick cardboard for shose sole
  • Button size (2pcs)
  • Sewing pins
  • Pink Blush
  • Black, white and brown threads to embroider the face
    The Doll is about 20cm (7 inches) tall in case of using the List of
    Materials that I recommanded and crocheting in semi – X Stitch.


Mr: Magic ring
R: Round
Ch: Chain stitch
Slst: Slip Stitch
Sc: Single crochet stitch
Dec: decrease – 2 single crochet stitch together
Inc: Increase – 2 single crochet stitch in the same stitch
HDC: Haft Double Crochet
BLO: Back Loop Only
FLO: Front Loop Only

Ear (2pcs)

Start with Skin yarn
5sc in magic ring.
Pull the ring and leave a long thread to sew on


Start with skin yarn
R1: Mr8sc (8)
R2: 8inc (16)
R3: (sc, inc)8 (24) R4: (3sc, inc)6 (30)
R5: 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)5, 2sc (36) R6: (5sc, inc)6 (42)
R7: 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)5, 3sc (48) R8: 48sc R9: (7sc, inc)6 (54)
R10: 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)5, 4sc (60) R11-18: 60sc (8 rounds) R19: 24sc, ch1, skip 1 stitch, 10sc, ch1, skip 1 stitch, 24sc (60) R20: 60sc R21: 21sc, (inc, 2sc)3, (2sc, inc)3, 21sc (66) R22-24: 66sc (3 rounds) Insert safety eyes into the holes in R18 (I insert later) R25: 21sc, (dec, 2sc)3, (2sc, dec)3, 21sc (54) R26: 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)5, 4sc (54)
R27: (7sc, dec)6 (48) R28: 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec)5, 3sc (42)
R29: (5sc, dec)6 (36) R30: 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)5, 2sc (30)
Start stuff the head
R31: (3sc, dec)6 (24) R32: (2sc, dec)6 (18)
R33: (7sc, dec)*2 (16)
R34: BLO 16sc
R35-38: 16sc
Push the neck inside the head.

Embroider the Face:

Sew Ear: Use pins to mark 2 points at R18 and 20 of the head and space from eye to ear
is 8 stitches
Sew eyebrows: with 4 darkbrown thread, height 3 stitches from the top of the eye
Sew nose: 4 stitches between 2 eyes
Use white and black colored thread to embroider a small accent
Lightly tint the cheeks and nose using blush


Start with red yarn
R1: Mr8sc (8)
R2: 8inc (16)
R3: (sc, inc)8 (24) R4: (3sc, inc)6 (30)
R5: 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)5, 2sc (36) R6: (5sc, inc)6 (42)
R7: 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)5, 3sc (48) R8: (7sc, inc)6 (54)
R9: 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)5, 4sc (60) R10-14: 60sc (5 rounds) R15: (9sc, inc)6 (66)
R16-17: 66sc (2 rounds)
R18: 30sc, ch14, insert on the 2nd chain from hook slst, sc, 10HDC, slst on the next stitch,
Ch5, insert on the 2nd chain from hook slst, sc, 3HDC, slst on the next stitch, Ch18, insert
on the 2nd chain from hook slst, sc, 17HDC, 34sc.
Cut and Fastern off.


R1: Mr8sc (8)
R2: BLO 8inc (16)
R3:(Ch 60, turn, slst into 2nd chain from hook and each chain, slst in the next 2 stitches)8 Back to R2: FLO (Ch 60, turn, slst into 2nd chain from hook and each chain, slst in the next stitch)8
Cut and Fastern off.

Apply Ponytail on the wig and sew around R2&R3 as on the pictures 3 stitches 5 stitches Mark 3 ponit as on photo Put the wig on head and sew around R16 as on photo

Arm (2pcs):

Start with Skin yarn
R1: Mr 6sc (6)
R2: (sc, inc)3 (9) R3: (2sc, inc)3 (12)
R4: 12sc
R5: 5sc, 3dc-bobble, 6sc (12)
(crochet 3 double crochets together in the same
R6: dec, 10sc (11)
R7: 9sc, dec (10)
Cut skin yarn, change blach yarn
R8-21: 10sc (14 rounds)
Don’t stuff arm

Right leg:

Start with black yarn and work in round
R1: Ch6, insert on the 2nd chain from hook 4sc, 3sc in
them same stitch, on the other side of the chain
crochet 3sc, inc (12)
R2: inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc, 2inc (18)
R3: sc, inc, 3sc, (sc, inc)3, 3sc, (sc, inc)2 (24)
R4: 2sc, inc, 3sc, (2sc, inc)3, 5sc, inc, 2sc (29) R5: BLO inc, 28sc (30) R6-7: 30sc (The last stitch of R7 should be in the middle of the heel. If not crochet a few stitches to make the last stitch in the middle of the heel) R8: 6sc, (dec, sc)6, 6sc (24)
(Using plastic cover or thick cardboard to flatten the
foot. By this way, the Doll can stand on her own)
Don’t cut black yarn, leave it outside to crochet the
Change White yarn
R9: 6sc, 6dec, 6sc (18)
R10: 6sc, 3dec, 6sc (15)
R11-12: 15sc (2 rounds)

Use a wire about 20cm leghth for the leg and insert
the wire in the leg and start to stuff the leg
R13: (4sc, inc)3 (18) Cut white yarn Back to R5 using black thread crochet the collar: FLO 28 slst Back to R13 change skin yarn continue crochet the leg R14: BLO18sc R15-17: 18sc (3rounds) R18: (inc, 5sc)3 (21)
R19-27: 21sc (9rounds)
R28: 21sc
Right leg: Cut yarn
Left leg: Do the same as the Right leg to R28
Don’t cut yarn. Change white yarn, continue crochet
R29: 17sc, Ch3, 21sc ( on Right leg) + 3sc (on chain)

4sc (on Left leg) (48)
R30: 48sc
R31: 6sc, inc, 22sc, inc, 18sc (50)
R32-37: 50sc (6 rounds)
R38: Crochet only 45sc
The last stitch of R38 should be in the middle of the
Cut white yarn, change skin yarn
R39: 50sc
R40: 12sc, dec, 22sc, dec, 12sc (48)
Change black yarn
R41: 3sc, dec (6sc, dec)5, 3sc (42) R42: BLO 42sc R43-47: 42sc (5 rounds) Back to R42 crochet the collar R1: 42sc R2: (sc, inc)21 (63)
R3: 63sc
R4: (3sc, ch3, slst into the first chain)*repeat to the

Join arm: 8sc on the body + 5sc on the arm + 16sc on
the body + 5sc on the arm + 8sc on the body (42)
R48: 42sc
R49: (5sc, dec)6 (36) Use a wire about 15cm leghth for arm and put inside. R50: 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)5, 2sc (30)
R51: (3sc, dec)6 (24) Cut black yarrn and change skin yarn R52: BLO (2sc, dec)6 (18)
R53: (7sc, dec)2 (16) R54-59: 16sc (6 rounds) R60: (dec)repeat to close the hole.
Fasten off.
The collar:
Back to R52: Front of neck count 9 stitches
FLO 2sc, HDC, DC, (DC, ch2, slst), (slst on next stitch,
ch2, DC), HDC, 2sc
Cut and Fastern off.
9 stitches
Little bow tie on shoes (2 pcs): Mr(ch2, DC, ch2, slst,)*2
Sew on the shoes as photo
Sew 2 botton on chest as photo


Start with yellow yarn
Ch50, slst and start work in spiral rounds
R1-2: 50sc
R4: (4sc, inc)*10(60)
R3-4: 60sc
R5: 14sc, inc, 30sc, inc, 14sc (62)
R6-9: 62sc (4 rounds)
Cut and Fastern off.
The collar: Let’s watching tutorial how to crochet
Embroidery French knots:
Using small black thread pull and again wrap the needle 3 times around the
working thread take the tip down) in a random oder.

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