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Amigurumi Kids Bag

In our article where you will find the expression of making children’s bags, we will present you a very nice bag model. I seem to hear that some of us say that if I start now, I will finish. This may be a very nice and easy-to-make children’s gift. It will be a nice looking and very popular bag making that you can do to your nephews, students, neighboring children or your own child.
We will offer you the production of children’s bags with detailed explanations. With this bag, which is in the form of a snowman, the children will gather their tables with great pleasure. You have seen the pictures, I will make a child bag with a pencil holder that will be given as a gift in the winter, and I will make it for you to put in extra spares such as spare pen and eraser adhesive in the school closet.

Making Kids Bag;
First we make the magic ring, let’s put 10 needles into it.
In the second row, dip each loop twice and make 20 needles in total.
 In the third row, let’s complete the 20 needles by making one needle to each of them.
ROW 4, let’s complete the row with 2 single needles, 1 pair of needles, there will be 30 needles in total.
In the 5th row, let’s complete 30 frequent needles by making one frequent needle to each stitch and complete 30 frequent needles in total.
6th row, 2 single and 1 double sinking, let’s make frequent needles, proceed by increasing and let’s go 40 needles.
 Let’s complete the sequence from the 7th to the 15th row as 40 frequent needles.
Let’s change the color of the string;
On the 16th row, let’s make one handrail on frequent needle loops.
In the 17-19th row, we sink normally to 1 handrail loop, we take 1 handrail from the front. Let’s complete the sequence in this way.
Let’s squeeze the back loops on the 20th row, let’s make frequent needles.
Let’s knit from the 21st to the 25th rank as frequent needles, without increasing or decreasing the entire row and finish.

Let’s take our orange thread to explain how to make a nose, snowman nose.
Let’s draw 5 chains in the 1st row,
Let’s start from the 2nd chain. Let’s make 1 needle and 1 single handrail. Sew to the man from the snow. Make your mouth as you wish, you can take advantage of the pictures. Make your eyes the way you want it is up to your imagination, and let’s do it with whatever is at home.
We pass it through the top loops of the bag and use it for closing and opening our bag. You can make any ornaments on the ends, for example, pompom and snowflake are used.
And our bag is ready!

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