Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Heart Astronaut Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Heart Astronaut


  • Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby (plush);
  • YarnArt Jeans yarn (semi-cotton);
  • Hook 4 and 2mm (or another at your discretion);
  • Filler (holofiber, ecofiber);
  • Marker for knitting (if necessary);
  • Scissors, needle and thread to match, for stitching parts;
  • Thin wire and a lighter (for setting fire to
    ends of the threads so that they do not fray).

amigurumi – amigurumi ring
sc – single crochet
inc – an increase of 2 sc
dec – decrease from 2 sc
ch – air loop
slst – connecting column

Dial a chain of 6ch, starting from the 2nd loop from hook we tie a chain on both sides:
1r. 4sc, inc of 3 sc (to the last ch), on the reverse side of the chain – 3sc, inc (12sc)
2r. inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc, 2inc (18sc)
3r. 18sc + slst. Cut the thread.
Embroider highlights along the porthole with white thread.

We knit rows 1 and 2 according to the description of the porthole.
3-6r. 18sc – 4 rows
7r. dec, 3sc, 3dec, 3sc, 2dec (12sc) + sl-st.
Cut the thread and sew a hole in it so that got a backpack. Can be lightly stuffed filler.

LEGS (2 parts) – BODY:
1r. 6sc in magic ring
2r. 6inc (12sc)
3-5r. 12sc – 3 rows + sl-st.
At the first leg, cut the thread, at the second it is not necessary, we continue knitting.
Dial from the second leg 3ch and connect with the first foot slst. We tie the details:
6r. 12sc on the first leg, 3sc on the ch between the legs, 12sc on the second leg, 3sc on the ch between the legs (30sc)
Use the marker if necessary, it will walk along the back of the toy.
7-16r. 30sc – 10 rows
Fill the toy with filler and stuff further, until the loops are closed.
17r. (3sc, dec)6 (24sc) 18r. 24sc 19r. (2sc, dec)6 (18sc)
20 rub. (sc, dec)*6 (12sc)
21r. 6dec + slst. Cut the thread, pull the hole.


  • Sew porthole in front, between 12 and 18 rows of the body;
  • Sew a backpack on the back, between 9 and 15 rows.

HEART (n / cotton), hook 2mm:
1r. 5sc in magic ring
2r. 5 inc (10sc) + sl-st
Tie 2 identical parts, the first thread
cut off, the second is not needed, we continue knitting.
Connect the parts together ss and tie:
3-5r. 20sc – 3 rows
6r. (2sc, dec) * 5 (15sc)
7r. (sc, dec)*5 (10sc)
Lightly fill with filler.
8r. 5dec + slst
Cut the thread, leaving 20cm length.
Insert and secure the wire inside the heart.
It will be most convenient to fold it in half and with the help of
sew the threads to the top of the heart. Then wrap
wire with the remaining end of the thread.
Insert a heart into the top of the astronaut.