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Amigurumi Glamrock Bonnie Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, Glamrock Bonnie Free Crochet Pattern , I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Schachenmayr Soft & Easy

0047; one skein (lilac)

0031; half skein (fuchsia) 0049; half skein (eggplant)

Alize Baby Best

106; less than a half skein (carmine red 060; less than a half skein (black)

YarnArt Jeans

light purple (color 19)

 white (color 62)

 black (color 53)

gray (color 46)


gold aluminum wire


Fabric glue/glue (I prefer UHU


crochet hooks; 2,5mm

tapestry needle


sheet felt; black, magenta, white,

glitter eva foam (black, gold)

black acrylic paint

Felt accessories

Iris (magenta)

Pupil (black)

 teeth (white)

star patch (magenta)

 suspenders (black)

eyebrows (black)

Glitter Eva foam eyelid (black)

 star patches, that match the

magenta felt ones (gold)


35cm (11in) with the ears

Skills required

Crocheting in spirals

crocheting in rounds,


back loop only crochet & front loop only


slip stitch, join rounds,

invisible decrease, half double crochet


MR-magic ring

Sc-single crochet

slst – slipstitch

ch-chain stitch

inc – increase

dec – decrease

invdec-invisible decrease (you insert your hook under the front loops of the next 2 stitches, and draw the yarn through both of them)

BLO-back loop only

FLO-front loop only

hdc – half double crochet

*-repeat this many times

FO – Fasten off

sk a st – skip a stitch

Head and Body

1.6sc in Mr (6) 2.6inc (12)

3.(sc, inc)*6 (18)

Change the yarn to…

lighter purple, inc, (2sc, inc)*5, sc (24)

5.(3sc, inc)*6 (30)

6.2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)*5, 2sc (36)

7.(5sc, inc)*6 (42)

8.3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)*5, 3sc (48)

9.(7sc, inc)*6 (54)

10.4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)*5, 4sc (60)

11.(9sc, inc)*6 (66)

12.5sc, inc, (10sc, inc)*5, 5sc (72)

13.(11sc, inc)*6 (78)

14-35.78sc (22 rounds)

36.(11sc, invdec)*6 (72)

37.5sc, invdec, (10sc, invdec)*5, 5sc (66)

38.(9sc, invdec)*6 (60)

39.4sc, invdec, (8sc, invdec)*5, 4sc (54)

40.(7sc, invdec)*6 (48)

41.3sc, (6sc, invdec)*5, 3sc (42)

42.slst around (42)

43. work in the slipstitches; 42sc (42)

44-45.42sc (42) (2 rounds)

46.18sc, 6sc, 18sc, (42)

47.3sc, (inc, 6sc)*2, inc, 6sc, inc, (6Sc,

inc)*2, 3sc (48)

48-49.17sc, 14sc, 17sc (48) (2 rounds)

50.(7sc,inc)*2, (7sc, inc)*2, (7sc, inc)*2 (54)

51-53.18sc, 18sc, 18sc (54) (3 rounds)

54.(8sc, inc)*2, (8sc, inc)*2, (8sc, inc)*2 (60)

55.20sc, 20sc, 20sc (60)

56.(9sc, inc)*2, (9sc, inc)*2, (9sc, inc)*2 (66)

57-58.22sc, 22sc, 22sc (2 rounds) change to magenta

59.66sc (66) change to black 60.66sc (66) change to magenta 61.(10sc, inc)*6 (72)

62-63.72sc (2 rounds)

64.(11sc, inc)*6 (78)

65-66.78sc (78) (2 rounds)

67.(11sc, invdec)*6 (72)

68.(10sc, invdec)*6 (66)

69.(9sc, invdec)*6 (60)

70.(8sc, invdec)*6 (54)

71.(7sc, invdec)*6 (48)

72.(6sc, invdec)*6 (42)

73.(5sc, invdec)*6 (36)

74.(4sc, invdec)*6 (30)

75.(3sc, invdec)*6 (24)

76.(2sc, invdec)*6 (18)

77.(sc, invdec)*6 (12)

78.(invdec)*6 (6)

Using the front loops only, close the gap with a tapestry needle, fasten off, and hide the tail

inside the body

Ears (make 2, with body purple)

1.6sc in MR (60) 2.6inc (12)

3.(sc, inc)*6 (18), inc, (2sc, inc)*5, sc (24)

5-19.24sc (24) (15 rounds) cut a piece of

cardboard, firm felt or foam, in the shape of the

ears (4piece)

20.2invdec, 7sc, 2invdec, 9sc (20)

21.invdec, 7sc, invdec, 9sc (18) flatten the ears, so the decreases are on the sides. Put the previously cut material inside them

22.18sc (18), 7sc, inc, 9sc (20)

24.2inc, 7sc, 2inc, 9sc (24)

25-36.24sc (24) (12 rounds)

37.2invdec, 8sc, 2invdec, 8sc (20)

38.invdec, 8sc, invdec, 8sc (18)

39.18sc (18) put the second bracing inside then FO, and leave a long tail for sewing.

Ear patches (make 2 of each, with lighter purple)

Upper part (make 2)

1.ch11, turn (crochet in the back bumps) 9sc,

4sc in the last stitch, 9sc, turn (22)

2.ch1, 9sc, 3inc, 10sc, turn (25)

3.ch1, 10sc, (inc, sc)*3, 9sc (28)

4.slst around FO

Lower part (make 2)

1.ch11, turn

2-6.10sc, ch1, turn (10)

7.slst around, FO

Muzzle (with the lighter purple)

1.ch10, turn, start to crochet in the second chain from the hook, and crochet only in the back bumps, 7sc, 4sc in the last stitch, continue on the other side, 7sc, inc, slst (22)

3.ch1, sc, inc, 8sc, inc, sc, inc, 8sc, inc, sc, slst (27)

4.ch1, sc, (3sc in one loop), 9sc, (3sc in one

loop), 2sc, (3sc in one loop), 10sc, (3sc in one loop), sc, slst (35)

5.2sc, (3sc in one loop), 11sc, (3sc in one loop), 4sc, (3sc in one loop), 12sc, (3sc in one loop), 2sc, slst (43)

6.ch1, 3sc, (3sc in one loop), 13sc, (3sc in one loop), 6sc, (3sc in one loop), 14sc, (3sc in one loop), 3sc (51) start to crochet in spiral

7-8.51sc (51)

9.12sc, invdec, 10sc, invdec, 12sc, invdec, 9sc, invdec (47)

10.47sc (47) FO, leave a long tail for sewing. Cut

a piece of thick foam or sponge to stuff the muzzle with, so it will keep it’s shape (pic)

Sew the muzzle on the head, between round 24 and 36. You can make the upper part a little less angular, with a bit of stuffing. With the remaining tail, pull the shaping of the muzzle as you see it on the pictures, from the middle of the muzzle, to the under part of it. Do it 2-3 times to strengthen it

Jaw (lighter purple)

With the jaw, we will crochet on the surface

1.24sc on the surface (24) (pic)

2-3.24sc (24)

4.(2sc, invdec)*6 (18) start to stuff

5.(sc, invdec)*6 (12) using the front loops only, pull the gap closed with a tapestry needle (pics on next page)

Cut a piece of white felt, and customize it to fit the shape of Bonnie’s mouth, or to your liking

Nose (black)

1.6sc in MR, (3sc in one loop), sc, (3sc in one loop), sc, (3sc in one loop) (12)

3.3sc, (3sc in one loop), 2sc, (3sc in one loop), 3sc, (3sc in one loop), sc (18) FO, leave a long tail for sewing

Bow tie

Use Red

1.ch11, turn on the 2nd chain from the

hook, 10sc, turn (10)

3-9. ch1, 10sc (10)

10. slst around, FO

Ribbon for the bow ties middle

1.ch8, turn on the 2nd chain from the

hook,; 7sc (7) FO

Leave a long tail for connecting the bow tie

Eyes (make 2, in white, and with a smaller hook) 5, turn (start crocheting in the back bumps) inc, 2sc, 4sc in the last loop,

continue one the other side, 2sc, inc, slst (12)

2.ch1, 2inc, 3sc, 3inc, 4sc, inc, slst (19)

3.ch1, 2inc, 6sc, 4inc, 6sc, inc, slst (26) 4.ch1, sc, inc, 5sc, 4hdc, hdc inc, 3hdc, hdc inc, 4hdc, 5sc, inc, slst (30) in the next round, change to black, and crochet in the back loops only

5.BLO, slst around (30) FO

Using the crocheted eye whites as guides,

cut the eyelids, irises, and pupils from felt or eva foam, in the respective colors

scrunch up the bigger rectangle, then wrap the ribbon around in the middle. Sew the ribbons two side together at the back.

It will look like this

Legs (make 2, 1 left and 1 right)

start with dark purple

1.ch6, turn, (crochet in the back bumps) 4sc, 4sc in the last stitch, (continue on the other side) 4sc, slst in the first stitch (12)

2.ch1, inc, 4sc, 4inc, 3sc, inc, slst (19)

3.ch1, inc, 4sc, (inc, sc)*4, 5sc, inc, slst (25)

4.ch1, 6sc, (inc, sc)*6, 6sc, inc, slst (32)

5.ch1, 6sc, (inc, sc)*3, 6sc, (sc, inc)*3, 6sc, 2inc, slst (40)

6.ch1, inc, 8dc, (inc, 2sc)*6, inc, 8sc, inc, 2sc, inc, slst (50)

7.ch1, (inc, 8sc, inc, 6sc)*3, 2inc, slst (58)

8.ch1, 20sc, (dec, 5sc)*2, dec, 20sc, dec, slst (54)

9-13.54sc (54) (5 rounds)

14.18sc, 3invdec, 6sc, 3invdec, 18sc (48)

15.18sc, 6invdec, 18sc (42)

16.15sc, 6invdec, 15sc (36)

LEFT leg

change to black

17-18.36sc (36) (2 rows)

19.(4sc, invdec)*6 (30) change to body purple

20-22.30sc (30) (3 rounds) change to


23.30sc (30)

24.15sc, slst, turn

25.skip slst, dec, 12sc, sist, turn

26.skip slst, dec, 11sc, continue with 2sc on side, 14sc, 2sc on side, slst, FO


change to magenta

17-18.36sc (36) (2 rows) 19.(4sc, invdec)*6 (30)

20-23.30sc (30) (4 rounds)

24.slst, turn, skip sist, 15sc, slst, turn 25.skip slst, dec, 11sc, dec, continue with 2sc on side, 14sc, 2sc on side, slst

Toe nails (make 6, with black yarn)

1.3sc in MR, sc, inc (5) FO, sculpt them with your scissors, or something thin

Fingers (make 8 in lighter purple)

1.6sc in MR (6)

2.6inc (12)

3-5.12sc (12) (3 rounds) FO

Palms (make 2, in dark purple)

1.6sc in MR (6)

2.6inc (12)

3.(sc, inc)*6 (18), inc, (2sc, inc)*5, sc (24)

In the next round, we will start attaching the fingers, continue

crocheting with purple yarn until

stated otherwise. Also, we will start to make differences between left and


Toe nails (make 6, with black yarn)

1.3sc in MR, sc, inc (5) FO, sculpt them with your scissors, or something thin

Fingers (make 8 in lighter purple)

1.6sc in MR (6)

2.6inc (12)

3-5.12sc (12) (3 rounds) FO

Palms (make 2, in dark purple)

1.6sc in MR (6)

2.6inc (12)

3.(sc, inc)*6 (18), inc, (2sc, inc)*5, sc (24)

In the next round, we will start attaching the fingers, continue crocheting with purple yarn until stated otherwise. Also, we will start to

make differences between left and



5.3sc, (inside the finger, and through the palm, and do the same with the boldly marked stitches) sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, 3sc, 3sc, 7sc (24)

In the next round we will crochet around the fingers as well, so the hand starts to take shape

6.9sc on first finger, sc, 9sc on second finger, sc, 9sc on third finger, 3sc on

palm, 9sc on fourth finger, 7sc (48) 7.48sc (48)

8.3sc, invdec, (65c, invdec)*5, 3sc (42) 9.7sc,(2invdec, 5sc)*2, 2invdec, 13sc (36) 10.6sc, 6invdec, 18sc (30)

11-12.30sc (30) (2 rounds)

13.26sc, change to body purple, 4sc (30)

continue with green

14-16.30sc (30) (3 rounds)

17.24sc, 6slst (30)

18.2slst, 6sc, 5hdc, 17sc (30)

19.7sc, 3invdec, 17sc (27) FO leave a

long tail for sewing

Shoulder pads

(make 2, in dark


1.6sc in MR, ch1, turn (6)

2.2sc, inc, 3sc, ch1, turn (7), 2sc, 3sc in one loop, 2sc, inc, ch1, turn (11), 4sc, 3sc in one loop, 4sc, inc, ch1, turn (15), 6sc, 3sc in one loop, 6sc, inc, ch1, turn (19), 8sc, 3hdc, in one loop, 8sc, inc (23) without turning, crochet the straight, uneven part, then slst in the far corner and fasten off. There would be 10-12sc on the straight part.


As opposite of the left arm, we will start with the thumb, and the marked stitches go both inside fingers, and through palm, just as before

5.3sc, 3sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, 7sc (24) 6.9sc on first finger, 3sc, 9sc on second finger, sc, 9sc on third finger, sc, 9sc on fourth finger, 7sc (48)

7.48sc (48)

8.3sc, invdec, (6sc, invdec)*5, 3sc (42) 9.13sc, 2invdec, 5sc, 2invdec, 5sc, 2invdec, 7sc (36)

10.18sc, 6invdec, 6sc (30)

11-13.30sc (30) (3 rounds) change to

body purple

14-16.30sc (30) (3 rounds)

17.8slst, 22sc (30)

18.17sc, 5hdc, 8sc (30)

19.17sc, 3invdec, 7sc (27) FO, leave a

long tail for sewing

Bracelets (make 2 in black)

1.ch4, turn (3)

2-37.3sc, turn (37 rounds) FO, leave a long tail for sewing

Spikes on bracelets (make 6 in gray)

1.3sc in MR (3), sc, inc (5) FO, leave a tail for sewing

Star shaped glasses

It might seem a lil tricky because it’s fully wired, but it’s actually very easy. If you get confused, just look at the pictures.

We start with the stars, make 2 in black

1.3ch in a MR, then 14dc in the same MR, join with a slst (15) so basically it will be a bigger- than-normal magic ring. Pull the ring tight.

2.ch6, start in the 3rd stitch from the hook, sc, hdc, dc, tc, skip 2 stitches on the base circle, and sist in the third. This will be the first point of the star.

3.repeat it four more times and you’ll have a Five point star. (continue on the next page)

To make the stars into glasses, you’ll need to form the frame from a thin wire. You can make the pieces individually (like me) or into one big piece, but I only have a tutorial for the former solution. After making the frame, you will have to crochet the star and the wire together with yellow yarn, doing only single crochets, but in every corner of the star, make 2 or 3 sc, so it won’t fold in on itself. Don’t forget that you’ll need to crochet through the star and over the wire too. Follow the pictures.

You can attach the crocheted star frames to the stem with sewing or with glue, or both. It’s up to you. I sewed them on and made the final touches with some glue.

Start putting Bonnie together

Start to glue the felt pieces in place, in this order (I used UHU extra gel glue)

1.Star patch between the eyes

2.Eye whites

3. Little stars (optional)





All Purpose Adhesi


Lepidlo Ne Viechno/Vietko Universis Reg

Adesiv Universal-came

6. Pupils

7.Star patch on face 8.Star patches on body

9.Star patch on belt 10. Tooth

11. glue the ear patches on the ear

12.If you made any (optional) eyebrow, you can glue those on now too You can paint the peeking edges of the eye with black acrylic paint if you want

Sew the toe nails on the feet, embroider the nails on the fingers too.

Sew the ears on the head, so the most inner part will touch round 4, and the most outer part will touch round 13

• Sew on the legs between round 59 and round 69, with 9-10sc in between them.

Sew on the arms between round 45 and 55.

• Sew the spikes on the bracelet, with 3-3 rows in between the spikes. After that, put the bracelet on the arms color changing line, and sew it together on the back.

Sew or glue the shoulder pads on the meeting point of the arms and the body.

• Glue the suspenders on the body, upper part touching the shoulders, and the lower parts touching the belt

• Glue or sew the bow-tie right under the chin, on the middle of the chest

As the final touches, I dotted some white in the eyes, painted the zebra-like pattern on the pants with acrylic black paint, and made some piercings from the wire. You can play around with the piercings, and not necessarily make them as me. I’ll show you on the next pictures, how to simply make the piercing out of golden aluminum wire. When attaching them, you dont need anything else, just the pliers you used when bending the wire, and just push it a little bit into the desirable surface, and push the ends together

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