Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Fox Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Red Heart® Super Saver™ (7 oz/198 g; 364 yds/333 m) Contrast A Carrot (0313) 1 ball Contrast B Country Blue (0382) Contrast C Aran (0256) 1 ball 1 ball Set of 4 size U.S. 6 (4 mm) double-pointed knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge. Stitch marker. Cable needle. Yarn needle. Stuffing. Length of smooth black yarn to embroider eyes and nose.

Alt = Alternate(ing)
Approx = Approximately
Beg = Beginning
C6B = Slip next 3 stitches onto cable needle and leave at back of work. K3, then K3 from cable needle
Cont = Continue(ity)
K = Knit
K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together
M1 = Make 1 stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and knitting into back of loop
P = Purl
PM = Place marker
Rep = Repeat
Rnd = Round(s)
RS = Right side
SM = Slip marker
St(s) = Stitch(es)
Tog = Together

Approx 18″ [45.5 cm] tall.

19 sts and 25 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in stocking st.


Beg at bottom, with A, cast on 36 sts. Divide sts onto 3 needles (12 sts on each needle). Join in rnd. PM for beg of rnd. 1st rnd: Knit. 2nd rnd: *K2. M1. Rep from * around. 54 sts. 3rd rnd: Knit. Rep last rnd until work from beg measures 6″ [15 cm]. Break A. Join B.

Shape “Arms”:
1st rnd: With B, K13. M1. K1. M1. K12. (M1. K1) twice. M1. K13. M1. K1. M1. K12. 61 sts.
2nd rnd: Knit.
3rd rnd: K14. M1. K1. M1. K13. PM. K6. PM. K13. M1. K1. M1. K13. 65 sts.
4th rnd: Knit.
5th rnd: K15. M1. K1. M1. K14. SM. C6B. SM. K14. M1. K1. M1. K14. 69 sts.
6th to 11th rnds: Knit.
12th rnd: Knit to marker. SM. C6B. SM. Knit to end of rnd. Rep 6th to 12th rnds 4 times more. Sew bottom seam. Stuff Legs and Body lightly.

Shape shoulders:
1st rnd: K2tog. K3. (K2tog. K6) 8 times. 60 sts.
2nd and alt rnds: Knit.
3rd rnd: (K2tog. K4) 10 times. 50 sts.
5th rnd: (K2tog. K3) 10 times. 40 sts.
7th rnd: (K2tog. K2) 10 times. 30 sts.
9th rnd: (K2tog. K1) 10 times. 20 sts. Cast off. Leave top of Body open. Finish stuffing (lightly).

Beg at neck, with C, cast on 21 sts. Work 2 rows stocking st.
Shape Head:
1st row: (K1. M1) 20 times. K1. 41 sts.
2nd to 4th rows: Work in stocking st.
5th row: (K2. M1) 20 times. K1. 61 sts.
6th to 8th rows: Work in stocking st.
9th row: (K6. M1) 10 times. K1. 71 sts. Work 7 rows even in stocking st.
Chart placement:
1st row: (RS). With C, K29. Knit 1st row of Chart, reading row from right to left. With C, K29.
2nd row: With C, P29. Purl 2nd row of Chart, reading row from left to right. With C, P29.
Chart is now in position. Cont in stocking st, keeping cont of chart to end of chart. Break C. Join A. With A cont in stocking st until Head measures 6½” [16.5 cm], ending on a purl row. Cast off. Fold work, placing back seam in middle of Head. Sew Back and top seams. Leave ‘neck’ open. Stuff Head avoiding top corners (Ears). Sew Head to Body.

Following Diagram, use back stitch to create Ears. Following Diagram, working through all thicknesses of fabric and stuffing, use back stitch to create Arms and Legs. With black smooth yarn, embroider Nose, using Satin stitch as shown in picture. With 3 strands tog of black smooth yarn, embroider Eyes, using French knot as shown in picture.