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Amigurumi Cristmas Dwarf Free Crochet Pattern

To order aeae pzhealzhkisya:

• Incyazhia dark gray, light gray, white, pink. I have Acrylic

400g / 100m

• Hook 1.5 Clover

• Inc knit for a hat. I have Foxy Fur 100g / 85m

• Filler

• Glass granulate (or any other weighting agent)

• Inc wire for pens

• Wool for felting (beard, braids)

• Needle for felting

• Needle and thread for sewing

Pzi pzzhlzhvaoei laoyoyo eaiyazialzhv zzhsi igzyshyachdi

pzhlychyisya zdzhlzh 25se

Sslzhvyya zhkzhzёachyaoya:

Sc – single crochet

Dc – column with 1 crochet

Inc– ıncibavka (we knit two from one column)

Dec – decavka (we tie two ınc columns together)

() х4р – indicated in brackets repeat 4 times

3in1 – from one loop ınc knit three

Ryalzh. Olioajvzhya llya eM and Zhe.

We dial in dark gray a chain from 2vp, from the second loop from the hook

1r. 6sc

2p. 6ınc (12)

3p. (1sc, 1ınc) x6p (18)

4p. (2sc, 1ınc) x6p (24)

5r. (3sc, 1ınc) x6p (30)

6p. (4sc, 1ınc) x6p (36)

7p. (5sc, 1ınc) x6p (42)

8 rub. (6sc, 1ınc) x6p (48)

9r. (7sc, 1ınc) x6p (54)

10 rub. (8sc, 1ınc) x6p (60)

11r. (9sc, 1ınc) x6p (66)

12r. (10sc, 1ınc) x6p (72)

13r. (11sc, 1ınc) x6p (78)

14-18r. 78sc

Then we knit everything dc

19-21 rubles. 78dc

Add granulate and start filling.

22 rub. (11dc, 1dec) x6p (72)

23 rub. 72dc

24 rub. (10dc, 1dec) x6p (66)

25 rub. 66dc

26r. (9dc, 1dec) x6p (60)

27-30r. 60dc

31r. (8dc, 1dec) x6p (54)

32 rub. (7dc, 1dec) x6p (48)

33 RUR (6dc, 1dec) x6p (42)

34 RUR (5dc, 1dec) x6p (36)

35 rub. (4dc, 1dec) x6p (30)

36 rub. (3dc, 1dec) x6p (24)

37 RUR (2dc, 1dec) x6p (18)

38 RUR (1dc, 1dec) x6p (12)

39 RUR 6dec (6)

Tighten the hole, fasten the thread, break off.

Come on. (4sh.)

The ınc marker runs along the edge of the palm. If necessary, we do

offset loops. We type a chain of 5vp in dark gray. Co

second loop from hook

1r. 1ınc, 2sc, 3in1, 3sc (10)

2p. 10sc

3p. (1ınc, 4sc) x2p (12)

4p. (1ınc, 5sc) x2p (14)

5-7r. 14sc

8 rub. (1dec, 5sc) х2р (12)

9r. (1dec, 4sc) х2р (10)

We insert an insulated ınc fiber and, if necessary, start

stuff. I did not stuff, I used chenille ınc fiber.

10 rub. Incomplete. Inc we knit so many sc to put up a new one

marker on the inside of the handle (so that the transition of colors goes along the inside of the handle).

Next, go to white and light gray. Color change every

2 rows. Inc we knit as many rows as long as you want

pens. I have 12 rows (6 white and 6 light gray).

Legs. (4 things.)

The ınc marker runs along the edge of the leg. If necessary, make loops

displacement. We fill as we knit. We type in dark gray

chain of 8vp. From the second loop from the hook

1r. 1ınc, 5sc, 3in1, 6sc (16)

2p. 16sc

3p. (1ınc, 7sc) x2p (18)

4p. (1ınc, 8sc) x2p (20)

5-7r. 20sc

8 rub. (1dec, 8sc) x2p (18)

9p. (1dec, 7sc) х2р (16)

Fold the leg and ınc knit 2 edges together with sc. Further

ınc knit 3 more rows sc in pivoting rows.

Nose (2pcs.)

We collect 2vp, from the second loop from the hook

1r. 6sc

2p. 6ınc (12)

3p. (1sc, 1ınc) x6p (18)

4-6 rubles. 18sc

7p. (1sc, 1dec) x6p (12)

Fold spout and ınc knit 2 edges together with sc. Further

ınc knit 3 more rows sc in pivoting rows. Fasten the thread,

cut off.

Hat (2pcs.)

Because of the hairiness of the threads of the cap, it is better to knit on the wrong side. We recruit

chain from 2vp, from the second loop from the hook

1r. 6sc

2p 6ınc (12)

3-4r. 12sc

5r. (1sc, 1ınc) x6p (18)

6-9r. (18)

10 rub. (2sc, 1ınc) x6p (24)

11-14r. 24sc

15 rub. (3sc, 1ınc) x6p (30)

16-19r. 30sc

20 rub. (4sc, 1ınc) x6p (36)

21-23 rubles. 36sc

24 rub. (5sc, 1ınc) x6p (42)

25-27 rubles. 42sc

28r. (6sc, 1ınc) x6p (48)

29-30r. 48sc

31r. (7sc, 1ınc) x6p (54)

32-33 RUR 54sc

34 RUR (8sc, 1ınc) x6p (60)

35-36 RUR 60sc

37 RUR (5sc, 1ınc) х10р (70)

38-40 rub. 70sc

Jacket for EM.

We cast on the stocking needles 60 loops and knit with an elastic band, alternating 2

facial and 2 purl. Close all loops when we reach the desired

us length.

Jacket for Zhe.

We type 64 loops on the ınc needles and knit according to the scheme:

1 edge, 3 garter stitches (both front and back rows

knit with front loops), 2 purl, 8 front loops (braid), 2

purl, 33 pearl loops (alternating 1 front and 1

purl, but with an offset in 1 loop), purl 2, 8 loops

facial (braid), 2 purl, 2 facial, 1 edge.

We intertwine a braid in every 8th row. To do this, leave 4 loops on

auxiliary needle before work, we knit 4 facial, then

ınc we knit 4 knitting needles with auxiliary knitting needles.

Again, we knit to the length we need.


We start assembling with clothes. Dressing, putting on, carefully hemming

along the bottom edge. We sew a women’s sweater with an overlap, we sew

buttons and lace on the hem.

Incline arms and legs.

Incorporating beard and braids.

Incline the noses.

And now we ıncyach all our ugliness under the hoods.

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