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Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Bear without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Download Amigurumi Bear pattern recipe – DIY without downloading Amigurumi Bear pattern crochet recipe with tan pattern make yourself without downloading the Amigurumi Bear recipe. Download Free Pattern Amigurumi Bear Recipe for 2020


1p: We cast on 2ch, in the second loop from the hook we knit 6sc

2p: Six ınc in a row. = 12sc

3p: Knit straight.

4p: (1sc, ınc) * 6 = 18sc

5p: Knit straight.

6p: (2sc, ınc) * 6 = 24sc

7 p: We knit straight.

We make an extension from the mosi to the head.

8p: Knit 6sc; 6 ınc through 1sc; and after the last 6th ınc we tie

7sc more = 30sc

9p: Knit 7sc; and also 6 ınc, in the same places, only now through 2sc; and

after the 6th ınc, knit 7sc = 36sc

10p: Knit 8sc; and again 6 ınc through 3sc; and after the 6th ınc 7sc = 42sc

11p: Knit 9sc; again 6 ınc through 4sc; and after the 6th ınc 7sc = 48sc

Row 12, 13 and 14, we knit straight, 48sc in each row.

WE EMBROIDER A SPOT, thread Soso !!!

And from 15 to 20 rows, (six more rows), we knit straight.

And we begin to close our little head …

21p: (6sc, dec) * 6 = 42sc

22p: (5sc, dec) * 6 = 36sc

From 23 to 26 rows, (four rows), we do the same for 6 dec in a row. = 12sc

And we fill our head FULLY with synthetic fluff.

27p: Again, six dec in a row. = 6sc

And we close our last 6sc like this: Cut the thread, with the tip about

15cm, pull it out of the loop, and with this thread we grab each of the 6

the remaining sc and tighten it all into a small circle, tie in a couple

knots, and with the help of a needle we take the thread into the toy. We cut it off.

We make an eye tightening, with a strong thread, (between 7 and 8 rows of the head), introducing the needle from

area of ​​the neck, hooking one sc and take the thread back to the neck … and in the same way with

the second eye. Tie the thread.

With the same thread from the neck area, we sew “in the straps”, eyes – beads, thread

we tie in the neck area, and cut off.


One eyelid is a chain of 5ch, tied from a thread – that both the head and the

with the two ends remaining on each side.

With these remaining threads we sew the eyelids, above the eyes, on the head … this is

more details in the video, it’s so hard to explain!

We embroider eyebrows and a mouth, I insert the thread from the neck area, as well as with the eyes! By thread



1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, insert 6sc

2p: We tie 5 ınc in a row, we leave one loop untied!

3p: Expand knitting. We knit 1ch – for lifting; 1sc; ınc; 2sc; ınc; 2sc;

ınc; 2sc = 13sc

4p: Expand knit, knit 1ch – for lifting, and knit a row straight. = 13sc

5p: Expand knit, knit 1ch – for lifting, and knit again straight row.

= 13sc

we sew the ears to the head, in a semicircle.

We knit the second ear in the same way and sew, I have a second ear, just

knitted in a different color. I sew the ears twice, back and forth.

The head is ready !!!!!


1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2p: Six ınc in a row.

3p: (1sc; ınc) * 6 = 18sc.

4p: 2sc; ınc; 2sc; ınc; 5sc; ınc; 2sc; ınc; 3sc = 22sc.

5 and 6 row we knit straight.

7p: 10sc; ınc; 10sc; ınc = 24sc.

8p: (3sc; ınc) * 6 = 30sc.

And we sew the neck to the head. (See video)

9p: Knit straight, 30sc in a row.

10p: (4sc, ınc) * 6 = 36sc.

11p: Knit straight.

12p: We knit straight.

The next rows we will make three ıncavs in a row … first in the area

belly, and then on the ass.

13p: We knit three ıncavki, through 1sc, exactly in the middle of the belly. (We do it on

eye, it is impossible to count it, tk. everyone’s neck is sewn differently !!!)

14p: We knit in the same way three ıncavs on the belly, over the previous ıncavs,

only now they are through 2sc.

15p: Three ıncavki, in the same place, after 3sc.

And then we knit on the belly straight, and on the butt we will make ıncavki …

16p: We knit three ıncavki, through 1sc, in the area of ​​the priests, exactly in the middle.

17p: Three ıncavs, after 2sc = 51sc.

And from 18th to 24th row, (seven rows), knit straight, 51sc in a row.

And we begin to close our body …

25p: (6sc; dec; 7sc; dec) * 3 = 45sc.

26p: (5sc; dec; 6sc; dec) * 3 = 39sc

27p: (4sc; dec; 5sc; dec) * 3 = 33sc.

28p: (3sc; dec; 4sc; dec) * 3 = 27sc.

29p: (2sc; dec; 3sc; dec) * 3 = 21sc.

30p: (1sc; dec; 2sc; dec) * 3 = 15sc.

We fill the bear’s body with synthetic fluff.

31p: (dec; 1sc; dec) * 3 = 9sc

We also fill up the bear …

32p: Knit: 1sc; dec; 1sc; dec; dec = 6sc.

And we close knitting to the end …


1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2p: Six ınc boxes in a row = 12sc.

3p; 1sc; ınc; 5sc; ınc; 4sc = 14sc.

4p: Knit straight. We cut the thread, leaving the tip longer, and

we sew the tail to the body, filling it with synthetic fluff, I sew it for two

times, cut the thread and hide !!!

The bear’s body is ready …

DESCRIPTION OF HANDLES: (I knit both with beige thread …)

1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2p: Six ınc in a row = 12sc.

3p: 1sc; ınc; 1sc; ınc; 1sc; ınc; 6sc = 15sc.

4, 5 and 6 rows, knit straight.

7p: 2sc; dec; 1sc; dec; 8sc = 13sc.

We begin to make the fold of our handle …

8p: 3sc; ınc; 5sc; dec; 2sc = 13sc.

9p: 4sc; ınc; 5sc; dec; 1sc.

10p: 5sc; ınc; 5sc; dec.

11p: Row with offset ıncave and ıncave. We knit 5sc; ınc; 5sc; dec.

12p: 6sc; ınc; 5sc; dec – and we climbed one loop to another row.

13p: 6sc; ınc; 5sc.

14p: Dec; 5sc; ınc; 5sc.

15p: Dec; 6sc; ınc; 5sc

16p: Dec; 6sc; ınc; 5sc.

17p: Dec; 5sc; ınc; 5sc.

18p: Dec; 6sc; ınc; 5sc.

19p: Dec; 6sc; ınc; 5sc.

We fill the handle halfway with synthetic fluff, insert a button with thread

attachments to the right side of the handle – only this is the only way they are divided into the right and left.

20p: (1sc; dec) * 5 = 9sc – by the way, here we also climbed decav to another row, but

ranks can be long ago and not look!

21p: Three dec in a row = 6sc.

Until we fill the handle with synthetic fluff and close it in the same way as we closed it

the last rows on the head and body …

And in the same way we knit the second handle, only insert the button fastening with

the other side !!!

We tie the handles to the body !!!

LEGS: (I have two legs different in color).

1p: We collect 5ch, one of which is for lifting and we knit from the second loop from

hook … 3sc; 5sc – in one loop; 2sc; 4sc – in one loop = 14sc.

2p: Knit: 4sc; three ınc in a row; 4sc; and three ınc in a row = 20sc.

3p: Knit: 5sc; ınc; 1sc: ınc; 1sc; ınc; 10sc = 23sc.

4, 5, 6 and 7 row, knit straight.

8p: We begin to make deca in the area of ​​the toe … we knit: 3sc; dec; 1sc; dec; 1sc;

dec; 1sc; dec; 1sc; dec; 6sc.

9p: Knit: 4sc; four dec in a row; 6sc = 14sc.

From 10 to 21 rows, (12 rows), knit straight.

We fill the leg with synthetic fluff, half, and insert it from the side we need

button fastening !!!

And close the paw …

22p: (1sc; dec) * 5 = 9sc.

23p: Three dec in a row = 6sc. and before filling, close the leg to the end !!!

We tie the legs to the body !!!



CAP: (From the beginning with white thread and 1.75mm crochet …)

1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2p: We make six ıncavocals in a row.

3p: 1sc; ınc; 3sc; ınc; 3sc; ınc; 2sc = 15sc.

From 4 to 7 rows, (four rows), knit straight.

Insert a juniper bead if you have one, if not, then fill

a little later – a pompom with padding polyester … And we start closing.

8p: (1sc; dec; dec) * 3 = 9sc.

9p: (dec; 1sc) * 3 = 6sc.

Cut the thread, switching to red … Who has synthetic fluff, fill the pompom !!!

10p: Knit straight. And we will tie the unnecessary, remaining, ends from the threads.

11p: (1sc; ınc) * 3 = 9sc.

12p: (ınc; 2sc) * 3 = 12sc.

13p: (3sc; ınc) * 3 = 15sc.

14p: 1sc; ınc; 4sc; ınc; 4sc; ınc; 3sc = 18sc.

15p: (5sc; ınc) * 3 = 21sc.

16p: 2sc; ınc; 6sc; ınc; 6sc; ınc; 4sc = 24sc.

17p: (7sc; ınc) * 3 = 27sc.

18p: 3sc; ınc; 8sc; ınc; 8sc; ınc; 5sc; ınc = 30sc.

19p: (9sc; ınc) * 3 = 33sc.

20p: 4sc; ınc; 10sc; ınc; 10sc; ınc; 6sc = 36sc.

Cut the thread.

And another row, 21, about knit straight, with white thread.

Cut the thread again and hide it.

I hook on a hat – a rubber band !!! The hat is ready!

SCARF: (Red thread and 2.5mm crochet …)

1p: We cast on 6ch, and from the second loop from the hook we knit 5 half-CH.

2p: 1ch – for raising a row and 5semi-CH.

And so from rows 3 to 47, my scarf is tied in two turns !!!

48p: We make a buttonhole, like this: 1ch; 1polistCH; 2ch; and through 2 loops

2 half-empty CH.

49r: We knit the loop again … 1ch; 2sc; 2sc – 2pv each; and 1sc. A thread

cut and hide the tips. Sew on a button.