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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Bee Animal Toy Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


For plush toy:
Plush yarn: yellow (skein), white (quarter skein), black
(quarter skein)
Semi-cotton for eyes and mouth (white, black, blue)
Hook 4/3.5 mm for the body, hook 2/1.75 mm for the eyes.
For semi-cotton, respectively, the main hook 2 / 1.75, for the eye
Scissors, needle, pins for attaching parts before sewing.

magic ring – amigurumi ring,
sc – single crochet,
sl-st – connecting
ınc – increase, 2 sc
knit in 1 loop,
dec – decrease, knit 2 sc
mnch – change the thread to
mnzh – change the thread to yellow (number in brackets) –number of stitches in a row.


Stuff as you knit one.

  1. Start knitting with yellow 8 magic ring (8);
    2.8 inc (16);
    3.(1 sc, ınc)8 (24);
    4.(2sc, ınc)8 (32);
    5.(3 sc, ınc)8 (40);
    6.(4 scn, ınc)8 (48);
    7.(5 sc, ınc)8 (56);
    8.(6 sc, ınc)8 (64);
    9.(7 sc, ınc)8 (72);
    10-19. 10 rows 72 sc;
  1. – 24.mnch 5 rows 72 sc;
  2. – 28.mnzh 4 rows 72 sc;
  3. – 32.mnch 4 rows 72 sc;
  4. mnzh 72 sc;
  5. (7 sc, dec) 8 (64);
    35.(6 sc, dec) 8 (56);
    36.(5 sc, dec) 8 (48);
    37.(4 sc, dec) 8 (40); cut yellow thread
    38.ms (3 sc, dec) 8 (32);
    39.(2 sc, dec) 8 (24);
    40.(2 sc, dec)6 (18);
    41.18 sc;
    42.(1 sc, dec) 6 (12);
    43.12 sc;
    44.6 dec, cut the thread, hide the end inside the body

Wings (white) 2 pcs.

1.7 magic ring;
2.7 inc (14);
3.(1 sc, ınc)7 (21);
4.(2sc, ınc)7 (28);
5.(3sc, ınc)7 (35);
6.(4sc, ınc)7 (42);
7.- 10. 4 rows 42 sc;

  1. (5 sc, dec)6 (36);
  2. (4 sc, dec) 6 (30);
  3. (3sc, dec)6 (24);
  4. (2 sc, dec)6 (18);
  5. (1 sc, dec)6 (12);
    16.12 sc;

Fold in half and
we knit together 6 sc for 2
sides. cut the thread,
leave a long end for
sewing on wings. We attach
wings concave shape, as on
a photo.

Antennae (black) 2 pcs.

1.magic ring(6);
2.6 inc (12);
5.dec, 4 sc (5);
6.-8. 3 rows 5 sc, cut the thread,
leave a long end for

Eyes 2 pcs.

1.black magic ring (6);
2.6 inc (12); cut black,
leave a long end
for sewing and
eyelash embroidery

  1. blue (1 sc, ınc) 2, sl-st,
    cut the thread and fasten
    from the inside
  2. fasten the white thread in
    last black sbn like
    on the photo: 1 sl-st, 5 sc, 2 sl-st,
    cut, leave
    long end for

We make out
Sew on the eyes as in the photo and
mark eyebrows, eyelashes and
We embroider eyelashes and eyebrows.

We introduce a needle with a thread from the side of the face
and bring the needle to the extreme point
smiles, we stretch the thread under
markers and insert the needle into
opposite end point.
Next, you need to fix the smile.
We withdraw the needle in one of the middle
points and enter it right there, but
grabbing the thread of a smile. Same way
do with the remaining dot
smiles. We bring the end of the thread to
start and fix.

Sew the wings to the brown strip on
back. Sew on the antennae above the eyebrows.

Your bee is ready!