Valentine’s day is approaching to attract love with our labor. Make the most romantic and loving Valentine’s Day gift that will blow your lover’s mind on 14 February.
May the cupid bring love to you
Let it be love!

Hook 3.5
Velvet rope yellow
Velvet rope pink
Velvet rope white
3mm eye
Heart for skirt
Black sewing thread for mouth and eyebrows

Magic ring
2.6pr (12)

  1. 3sbn, 3ub, 3sbn (9)
    4.3sbn, 3ss, 3sbn (9)
    5-9. 9SBN (5 records) Fix the thread, knit the second leg in the same way
    first, but at the end do not cut thread.
    We knit 3 sbn on the second leg, 2vp and attach the first leg.
    On the 10th leg, 9sbn, 2sbn on the east, 9sbn on the other leg, 2sbn vp. (22)
    11-12. 22sbn.
    Pointer back center.
  2. 5SBN, UB, 8SBN, UB, 5SBN (20)
    14.4SBN, UB, 8SBN, UB, 4SBN (18)
    15.3sbn, ub, 8sbn, ub, 3sbn (16)
    16-17. 16sbn
    18.3sbn, ub, 6sbn, ub, 3sbn (14)
    19.2SBN, UB, 6SBN, UB, 2SBN (12)
    20.6ub (6)
  3. 6sbn
    Go to the head braid for comfort
    line count again
    1.6pr (12)
  4. (1SBN, D) * 6 (18)
  5. (2SBN, D) * 6 (24)
  6. (3SBN, D) * 6 (30)
  7. 5-9. 30SBN (5 records)
    Change to yellow and we will knit
    Extended loops (hairstyle)
    Fill the body with fiber, put it on the neck
    a pair of cotton buds.
    Eyes adjusted between 6 and 7 revolutions
    distance 4 sc.
    Stretched loops knit:
  8. 30sbn
  9. 30sbn
  10. (3SBN, UB) * 6 (24)
  11. (2SBN, UB) * 6 (18)
  12. (1SBN, UB) * 6 (12)
    15.6ub (6)
    We tighten the hole, fix it, cut it and hide the thread in it.

Magic ring

  1. (1SBN, D) * 3 (9)
  2. 9sbn
  3. (1SBN, UB) * 3 (6)
    5-11. 6SBN (7 records)
  4. Fold the edges and knit for 3sbn.
    Stitching arms between the 19th and 20th rows of the trunk.
    We make a face.
    We embroider the nose (with body-colored plush thread), eyebrows, ciliary line and mouth.
    Draw a blush on the cheeks with dry pink pastels.

Knit outfit;
We collect 25 vp, we connect to a circle with a connecting column and knit into a circle:
1.25sbn, ss

  1. Increase from SSN in each cycle, pp.
    We straighten and hide the thread.
    We go to the apron;
    We find the middle of the skirt and pull back 3sbn on the right.
    We thread and knit;
    1.6sbn, return
  2. VP, 4SBN, UB, return
  3. VP, 3SBN, UB, return
  4. VP, 2SBN, UB, return
  5. VP, ub 3 sbn, do not overturn thread, turn a VP chain
    Fix the desired length (make a strap) and back. Sew to the button.

We knit the wings;
We get 10vp and from the hook we knit in the 2nd:

  1. 9SBN, VP, return
    2.7SBN, VP, rotation
  2. 7SBN, VP, rotation
    4.5SBN, VP, rotation
  3. 5SBN, VP, rotation
    Fix the thread, cut it, leave a long end for sewing.
    We knit the second wing in the same way, sew it to the back of our love god.
    The cupid is ready to fall in love!